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Are you looking forward to having a café at a sunny terrace?

Luxembourg is gradually coming back to life with the announcement of new deconfinement measures, such as the opening of cafés and restaurants by the end of the week for example. 
As happy as we may be about the reopening, social distancing and the wearing of a mask remain essential, in order to avoid a new wave of contaminations. 
The deconfinement also involves a close monitoring and a large scale testing strategy in order to quickly recognize infection patterns and take adapted measures. 
Enjoy and stay safe!

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It's back to school time in Luxembourg 🎒

After high school students, who resumed classes mid May, elementary school pupils came back to school today as part of Luxembourg's deconfinement strategy. 
Following this exceptional absence from school, students are excited to meet again after this prolonged period of homeschooling. 
In order to re-open while respecting distancing rules, classes have been completely reorganized with a return to the classroom in two different groups, which attend classes on alternate weeks.
📸 Ministère de l'Éducation nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse

Are you tired of zapping and scrolling through your streaming platform(s) without finding anything to watch?

Luxembourg has developed a rich film production industry leading to nearly 200 feature films and 130 short films produced or co-produced in Luxembourg since the early 1970s. Movies made in or with Luxembourg have received international recognition as evidenced by the numerous prizes and awards obtained at international festivals in recent years.
Here's a compilation of the country's top cinematic achievements:

1️⃣ Troublemaker
2️⃣ De falschen Hond
3️⃣ A Wopbopaloobop A Lopbamboom
5️⃣ Le club des chômeurs
6️⃣ Mammejong
7️⃣ Rusty Boys
8️⃣ Superjhemp retörns 👉 http://ow.ly/FQ9350zLxiQ

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"What do YOU miss most during confinement?" 🇪🇺 #Luxembourg #LetsMakeItHappen