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Let's Make It Happen

We made it happen! Luxembourg is the first country worldwide to introduce free public transport. From 01.03.2020 on, all you have to do is hop on, lean back and enjoy the view! Bus, train, funicular and tram will take you from one side of the country to the other, whether you’re off to work or discovering the charms of the Grand Duchy. Are you ready to go?
#WeMadeItHappen #MobiliteGratuiteLuxembourg #FreeMobilityLuxembourg #KostenloseMobilitaetLuxemburg #GratisMobiliteitLetzebuerg

Over 170 nationalities. 
Over 622 000 people.
1 country. 
Jump at the opportunity and visit the 37th edition of the Festival des migrations, des cultures et de la citoyenneté, enjoy food, music, dance and shopping from every corner of the world and just dive into this cultural meltpot called Luxembourg 🇱🇺 #letsmakeithappen #ourluxembourg #culture #meltpot

Who let the Fuesboken out?! 👹
If you prepare your disguise 5 months in advance and if you know every carnival song by heart, then congrats: you can consider yourself a Fuesbok!🎉
Fuesend in Luxembourg is full of cavalcades, sweets, confetti, and overindulgence of traditional pastries like nuns’ farts, delicious Luxembourgish doughnut alike pastries coated with sugar.
Carnival in Luxembourg starts with Liichtmëssdag - Candlemas Day and theoretically ends on Ash Wednesday with the burning of the Stréimännchen - a scarecrow alike doll and symbol of the winter, in Remich on the Mosel Bridge 🔥
However, the real Fuesboken don’t stop on Ash Wednesday but continue the party with the parades in Schifflange, Kayl, Esch-sur-Alzette, Wasserbillig, Pétange and Remich.

#letsmakeithappen #ourluxembourg #carnival #fuesboken

Get your highlighter ready and mark the 29th  February! 🎉
High spirits in buses, tram and trains to celebrate #freemobility! 
AAMAR, Alfalfa, CHEAK!, MAZ and OKE Khalid will make you swing your hips to funky beats at Belval-Université, Gare centrale, Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg and Clervaux from noon on before they hop on the public transports together with. Destination: ‘’Neien Tramsschapp’’ in Kirchberg. 
Luxembourgish artists EDSUN, Michel Reis feat. Studnitzky, Nicool, Serge Tonnar, Stayfou and Tuys will be waiting there to spoil you with their tunes. 
Let’s celebrate free public transport together!
(and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes 🕺🏼💃🏼)