Gault&Millau Luxembourg 2023 "A taste of Luxembourg 2023" celebrates the country's best chefs, restaurants and brasseries

Since 2020, the gastronomic guide publisher Gault&Millau has published a 100% Luxembourg guide. "A taste of Luxembourg 2023" selects not only the best restaurants and brasseries, but also the pop addresses, the unmissable bars Luxembourg's finest chocolate makers. Chef Roberto Fani wins the title of Chef of the Year, confirming Ristorante Fani as a must in the country.

Ristorante Fani: knowledge, passion and beauty

Roberto Fani proudly displays the three key ingredients of his cuisine and success: knowledge, passion and beauty. The first is the result of a lifetime of travelling, studying, trying and especially tasting. Passion is something that happens every day, and it allows to give up easy shortcuts and combine traditional techniques with today's creativity. Beauty is sought in each plate, with a staging that seeks to awaken the senses of the guests.

His work has just been rewarded with the title Chef of the Year 2023, an exceptional high distinction as he had already won it in the 2019 edition. The jury highlights "his perseverance, creativity and consistency as well as his evolution".

The wines are also a highlight of the restaurant. Indeed, Giovanni Curcio won the title of Sommelier of the Year in the 2022 edition.

In addition, Ristorante Fani is one of eight starred restaurants in Luxembourg.

Knowledge, passion and beauty: these are the three main ingredients of chef Roberto Fani.
© Ristorante Fani, all rights reserved
Roberto Fani, chef of the year 2023 Gault&Millau.
© Ristorante Fani, all rights reserved

Young chef, baker, sommelier... the other 2023 award-winners

The guide also selected winners in other categories:

  • Bar of the year: Go Ten (Luxembourg City).
  • Pop of the year: Kay (Luxembourg City).
  • Baker of the year: the duo Iryna Kulakova and Kateryna Podliesna, from the restaurant Ryôdô (Luxembourg City).
  • Sommelier of the year: Thierry Corona, from the restaurant Les Roses (Mondorf-les-Bains).
  • Host of the year: Eric Parachini, from the restaurant Ma Langue Sourit (Moutfort).
  • Discovery of the year: chef Giuseppe Molinaro, from the restaurant L'Annexe (Luxembourg City).
  • Mediterranean of the year: Divino (chef: Alessandro Vannelli) (Luxembourg City).
  • Young chef of the year: Valérian Prade, from the restaurant Eden Rose (Kayl).

Terroir and wines confirm their path

The 2022 edition had two major innovations: the terroir restaurant prize, which seeks to highlight respect for the environment and local consumption in the restaurant world, and a special section devoted to the best wines of the Grand Duchy, "Stars of the Moselle".

These new categories are confirmed in 2023. The restaurant De Peffer Kär (Huncherange), which not only works with local producers but also produces its own vegetables in its garden, won the terroir restaurantprize.

On the wine side, Gault&Millau continues this year to promote local wines with the 'Stars of the Moselle' section. "It seemed important to us to continue to highlight the Luxembourg Moselle, whose winegrowers have made enormous efforts in terms of quality over the last 20 years to be able to compete with other border wine regions and beyond," says Marc Declerck, CEO of Gault&Millau Benelux.

Selected restaurants and artisans

"A taste of Luxembourg 2023" is available in bookshops since 25th October. Foodies can also check the Gault&Millau App and the Luxembourg website to find out more about the 2023 selection.

The restaurants Ma Langue Sourit and La Distillerie remain in the lead with a score of 18.5/20 and 18/20 respectively. As for the chocolatiers, Belgian Chocolate Design and Chocolate House will delight the most gourmands.

Of particular interest are the 16 new addresses listed in the guide, which confirm the country as a particularly creative culinary environment. Here is a selection:

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