Automotive sector and smart mobility A fast-changing dynamic sector

Luxembourg has become a flagship site for both first and second-tier automotive suppliers as well as for providers of mobility related innovative technologies. A wide range of world acclaimed companies such as BorgWarner, Goodyear and IEE have established their research and development centres in the Grand Duchy! Luxembourg has set up specific projects to get ready for the challenges of future mobility, in particular digitalisation and decarbonisation.

Luxembourg's strengths

Through the Luxembourg Automobility Cluster, the Grand Duchy supports various automotive sector actors and investors. The initiative promotes innovation, business development and inter-sector cooperation by bringing together Luxembourgish start ups and established businesses active in the automotive industry and the mobility sector. The Grand Duchy's quality infrastructure and excellent ICT (information and comunications technology) ecosystem make the country an ideal place for setting up a business!

The Grand Duchy is also a co-founding member of the largest cross-border automotive network, comprising more than 500 businesses in the Greater Region. The network ensures that businesses active in the automotive and mobility sector find the international partnerships and synergies that they need for their development and for the success of the next generation of mobility solutions!

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Luxembourg Automobility Cluster

Luxembourg Automobility Cluster

A promising future

Luxembourg set ambitious goals regarding digitalisation, which is certainly not limited to the automotive sector. The implementation of the 5th generation of mobile network technology (5G), artificial intelligence and the implementation of an innovation policy focusing on the development of data economy are essential factors for reliable, high quality future mobility. In this context, Luxembourg initiated a cross-border automated driving project that encompasses a 215km long circuit test! An innovation centre known as the Mobility Innovation Campus was established in 2016 in order to guarantee the implementation of these ambitions.

The Automotive Campus is a business park reserved for research projects and innovative actors, which aims to support collaborations between businesses and public research institutes.

It represents a real open laboratory and promotes the implementation of new activities while making available undeveloped land and shared infrastructures (car park, meeting room, offices).

Join the Mobility Innovation Campus

The Mobility Innovation Campus based in Bissen is fully dedicated to automotive research and development. With a capacity to accommodate 4,000 people, the campus will be the future showcase site of the sector. Innovations related to electro-mobility, self-driving and smart tyres, are currently in the process of being developed there. This environment is truly a driver for innovation!

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