Technological environment Luxembourg's cutting-edge infrastructures are a breeding ground for corporate development

The Grand Duchy's technological environment is characterised by the presence of state-of-the-art communications infrastructures and excellent connectivity with the major European internet hubs. The Luxembourgish government's responsive attitude fostered the settlement of a large number of 'stars' of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector.

Luxembourg at the cutting edge of technology

Do you know Meluxina? It is one of the best supercomputers in Europe, that will be hosted in Luxembourg from 2020! It is just an example that illustrates the Grand Duchy's efforts in developing its technological environment. Luxembourg continuously improves its ICT infrastructure and is already seen as a centre of excellence for any data management activities.

Did you know?

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) confirms the excellence of Luxembourg's technological environment: the Grand Duchy is ranked 3rd in Europe in terms of connectivity!

The importance of connectivity

Connectivity needs are constantly on the rise in society and in the professional sphere. The Luxembourg government plays an essential role in terms of the availability of technological infrastructures. The ultra high-speed internet offered  by LuxConnect  connects Luxembourg to the main centres for internet access abroad. The ICT market highly benefits from this dark fibre network as well as the four data centres that are entirely powered by renewable energy sources.

A support network

Today, the proper functioning of any company largely depends on its ICT infrastructure. As a result, well-developed networking can have a huge impact on its success and growth. The support needed derives  from the ICT CLuster that brings together Luxembourg's ICT key players. The cluster's services are based on Luxembourg's priorities, such as, in particular,  cybersecurity, fintech,  big data  and artificial intelligence. Setting up partnerships and creating cross-sectoral opportunities are only two of the cluster's objectives. 

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