Staying connected Luxembourg’s networks are state-of-the-art and guarantee a fast and interruption free connection

Luxembourg has heavily invested into its infrastructures, mobile and fixed, and it shows. 4G and broadband everywhere allow for fast internet connections, as 5G and fibre optics networks are spreading rapidly. Luxembourg is already one of the countries with the best connectivity in Europe, which is regularly confirmed in all major rankings.

Mobile life

Luxembourg enjoys an excellent connectivity for mobile devices.

Mobile networks cover close to 100% of Luxembourg’s territory, with 4G or 4G+ being available in all areas covered. Urban areas are very well connected, while some hilly woodland areas in the north might have a less good connectivity. Since 2020, a number of areas in Luxembourg have been equipped with 5G technology, with more areas about to follow suit.

Public WiFi networks are available in many Luxembourgish cities, among others in Luxembourg’s two major cities Luxembourg City and Esch-sur-Alzette. In order to gain access, you will have to register. However, their basic use is free of charge. Many cafes, restaurants and other places also have free Wifi for customers. Most of the time, these networks will be password-protected, so make sure to ask for access.

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Landlines, television and internet

Luxembourg’s fixed network do not only enjoy high connection speeds, thanks to the top quality infrastructures, but their extension and improvement are priorities of government efforts in the field.

Landlines can be analogue or digital (ISDN), the latter allowing to operate multiple telephone numbers on the same line. All infrastructures are owned by Post Luxembourg. That means that, when you have booked the services of an operator, they will contact Post Luxembourg for the line to be opened, which can take up to one month.

Broadband is available everywhere in Luxembourg, with mean download speeds of 118.05 Mbps, which makes Luxembourg the 5th best connected country in Europe (2020).

Currently, Luxembourg is investing heavily into the extension of its fibre optics network (Fibre To The Home, or FTTH), recently making the Top 20 in the European Fibre Home Penetration Ranking, with over 20% of homes in Luxembourg currently having access to these networks.