Settling in Luxembourg Essential information on immigration

Depending on your personal situation, the conditions of entry and stay in Luxembourg may differ. Whatever your home country and the duration of your stay, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is your contact point! The steps, forms and conditions of entry can easily be accessed on 

The Schengen visa obligation depends, in particular, on your nationality, the duration of your stay and possibly the purpose of the visit. If you have any queries regarding the required ID documents, please contact the Luxembourgish embassy or, failing that, the diplomatic representatives of Belgium in your country.

Welcome to Luxembourg!

The Luxembourg Reception Agency as well as a large number of NGOs and associations help you in your immigration process and seek to achieve equal rights and recognition of everyone's culture. Through such initiatives and bodies, Luxembourg - which is currently home to over 170 nationalities - makes sure that each and everyone feels welcome. 

Your obligations

If you would like to establish your usual residence on the territory of a Luxembourgish municipality, you will have to declare your presence to the population office of the administration of the municipality upon your arrival.

Did you know that Luxembourg has a social security system with very generous coverage? Membership of the Social Security Centre (CCSS) is compulsory if you are an employee or self-employed in the Grand Duchy. This insurance then extends to all of your family members!