The Grand Duchy's key cooperation projects The Grand Duchy's development cooperation action is firmly directed at eradicating poverty

With 1% of the country's gross national income (GNI) invested in it, development aid is a matter of great importance to the Grand Duchy. The Grand Duchy carries out a wide range of bi- and multilateral projects in many countries, all over the world. Key projects are being carried out in Burkina Faso, Laos and Nicaragua, for example.

Priority partner countries

On average, the Grand Duchy's Official Development Assistance (ODA) devoted to bilateral cooperation represents 70% of all its contributions. The remaining 30% is allocated to multilateral cooperation projects.

To achieve greater effectiveness and more impact for its policy, Luxembourg pursues an approach that favours geographical concentration. As a result, special, long-term relations are maintained with a limited number of priority partner countries:

  • West Africa: Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Mali, Niger and Senegal
  • South-east Asia: Laos
  • Central America: Nicaragua

On average, more than 50% of the Grand Duchy's bilateral ODA is invested in these seven countries, which all fall within the category of the poorest and least advanced countries in the world.

Education and training in Burkina Faso

There are long-standing close links between the Grand Duchy and Burkina Faso. The cooperation project in this part of west Africa is mainly involved in the field of education and vocational training, with a system for funding apprenticeships and specialist training. By helping young people to find forward-looking opportunities in Burkina Faso, the Grand Duchy hopes to stem the flow of often dangerous journeys these young people make to reach Europe.


Download the brochure on the Grand Duchy's cooperation in Burkina Faso (in French).


Development of human and natural resources in Laos

Laos has been one of the Grand Duchy's partner countries for cooperation since 1997. The cooperation programme is mainly focused on reducing poverty and helping Laos shed its status as one of the world's least developed countries. To achieve this, particular emphasis is placed on good governance, health, education, and integrated rural development. 


Download the brochure on  the Grand Duchy's cooperation in Laos.


Tourist industry and health sector in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has experienced considerable positive development since cooperation began in 1990. In order to maintain this path of progress, the Grand Duchy is focusing its support on vocational training, responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship, and the tourist industry. In addition, the health sector, with a special attention to maternal and child health, is supported in cooperation with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).


Download the brochure on the Grand Duchy's cooperation in Nicaragua (in French).

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