National Literary Competition Marc Weydert and Marie-Isabelle Callier awarded first prize in the National Literary Competition.

Marc Weydert (text) and Marie-Isabelle Callier (illustration) have been awarded the first prize in the category "children's literature - adult authors" in the National Literary Competition 2021 for their illustrated album Verdruddelt Geschichten (Crumpled stories).

The winners

The jury of the National Literary Competition 2021 analysed and awarded prizes to the following works on the basis of literary and linguistic criteria and originality:

  • Verdruddelt Geschichten by Marc Weydert and Marie-Isabelle Callier, first prize in the category "children's literature – adults authors" (readership up to 12 years old) for the kind of stories which are firmly rooted in Luxembourgish culture and shed new light on popular, classic tales.
  • Wasser gegen Sturm – Die Kräfte der vier Elemente (Water against the storm - the forces of the four elements) by Lena Differding, first prize in the category "children's literature – young authors" (from 12 to 19 years old)
  • Dëst ass net däi Liewen (It's not your life) by Claudine Muno, first prize in the category "children's literature – adult authors" (readership from 13 years old) for the subtle way in which the author presents the world through the eyes of a group of teenagers and their authentic language. It lures the reader into their world and leads us to reflect on the state of society and their relationship with it.
  • Die Bibliothek der gescheiterten Schriftsteller (The library of failed writers) by Eline Klaassen, first prize in the category "children's literature – young authors" for its carefully scripted plot, the subtlety of the narrative structure and the creative use of language.

A prize brimming with history and emotion

The National Literary Competition has been held every year since 1978 and is organised by the Ministry of Culture. Its aim is to promote literary creation in Luxembourg and act as a catalyst for new authors. Since its creation, approximately 125 writers have been awarded prizes and most of them have gained recognition on the national and international stage.

The works submitted to the competition must be original and may not be published in any form before the official results are presented. A prize of €5,000 is awarded to the winner as well as a contribution to the publication costs by a renowned publisher. The author retains all rights to the publication.

Every year, the competition focuses on another literary genre. The 2021 edition is based on the theme of children's and youth literature. In total, 56 projects were submitted in four different categories.

The award ceremony took place on 8 December 2021 at the National Literature Centre in Mersch.

A jury of national experts

The members of the jury for the 2021 competition were:

© National Centre for Literature and Ministry of Culture
  • Claude Kremer (chairman), Digital Curator at the National Literature Centre and author
  • Anne-Marie Antony, responsible for the promotion of reading at SCRIPT - Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l'Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques
  • Romain Sahr, professor-researcher at the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences of the University of Luxembourg
  • Tomara Sondag, head of department of the city of Esch-sur-Alzette library
  • Jeff Thill, professor, co-founder of the English-speaking publishing house Black Fountain Press and author