Researchers' Days: a place for the scientifically curious The Rockhal will be transformed into a giant research laboratory ​

Eureka, the Researchers' Days are back on 26th November at the Rockhal in Belval. During this day, visitors have the opportunity to discover the world of science through experiments, shows and workshops. ​ 

You don't have to be Albert Einstein or a quantum physicist to have a taste for science. No, you only need to be curious about science to immerse yourself in this universe, which you can access via the Researchers' Days. ​ The 7th edition of this event, which will take place from 25th to 26th November at the Rockhal in Belval, will once again give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the scientific world. The first day of the event is reserved for schools. 

Learning in a playful way ​

© FNR (Fonds national de la recherche)

During these two days, young and old alike can discover a multitude of free activities: ​ They can carry out original and fascinating experiments, observe surprising phenomena, participate in scientific games and shows or visit the many workshops.

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) offers a scientific maze with four interactive stations, where participants will have to solve scientific tasks in a minimum of time. ​ Alone or in a team, the objective is to solve the riddles faster than your opponents: ​ a way of acquiring scientific notions while having fun with Mr Science, whom you can meet in this workshop. ​

Visitors can also discover the many facets of the researcher's job, they can talk or exchange directly with the scientists, they can ask them all the questions about their work and their daily life and even get their hands dirty by carrying out small experiments. Hundreds of scientists will in turn present the future and the progress of scientific research.


On Friday 25th November, the Researchers' Days will open their doors to schoolchildren in Luxembourg. The aim is to present and promote science and research in the Grand Duchy and to arouse the interest and enthusiasm of children and teenagers through interactive workshops and scientific shows. ​

On Saturday 26th November, the Rockhal will be transformed into a giant research laboratory: ​It's the perfect time for science enthusiasts or budding scientists to discover a multitude of free activities and carry out fascinating scientific experiments, listen to the experts in one of the science cafés and pick up some knowledge. ​ 

© FNR/Olivier Minaire
© FNR/Olivier Minaire

Raising awareness and promoting science ​

The aim of Researchers' Days is to raise awareness of scientific culture among the general public. ​ This is one of the missions of the FNR: ​ promote research and science to the general public, as explained by the FNR's science communication manager, Melanie Reuter. 'Through the website or through various events such as the Researchers' Days, or programmes such as the 'Researchers at school' operation, our objective is to encourage the active participation of researchers and scientists in order to pass on their knowledge and their taste for science to young people and society as a whole.

Melanie Reuter is a science communication manager at the FNR. ​ She manages the day-to-day operations of ​She is the one who organises and plans everything related to the web portal. ​

We asked her if she could sum up Researchers' Days in one sentence or word: ​ 

'Science at your fingertips, for wonder and fun!' ​