University students - budding entrepreneurs The Entrepreneurship Programme and the Incubator of the University of Luxembourg are committed to providing an education in entrepreneurship

Aware of the need to prepare their students for the ever-increasing challenges on the labour market, the University of Luxembourg has created the Entrepreneurship Programme and the Incubator. These initiatives offer students training as well as events dedicated to developing the essential skills for launching start-ups. During the 'Ideation Camp', the University transforms into a stronghold of the ideas generation, who have already inspired the creation of young companies that are now established at the University.

Bridging student life and professional life

The Entrepreneurship Programme: development of skills

The University of Luxembourg has created the Entrepreneurship Programme to better prepare entrepreneurial students to manage their own business. The initiative is dedicated to nurturing business, technical and personal development skills thus enabling participants to make their business start-up a success.

The programme is open to students from all faculties of the University of Luxembourg, regardless of their level of education: bachelor, master's or PhD. It is also open to University staff.

The mission of the Entrepreneurship Programme is to promote entrepreneurship education in the framework of the 3rd industrial revolution in the Grand Duchy. The objective is to train entrepreneurial leaders who will foster significant economic and social value for Luxembourg and integrate the University of Luxembourg and its research institutions into the Luxembourg entrepreneurial ecosystem, thereby acting as a link between the world of education and the business world.

The incubator: creation of businesses

For its part, as soon as the participants have acquired the essential skills, the Incubator helps them to create their companies. As such, students who have decided to start their own business can receive backing from the Incubator in order to bring their ideas to market.

In this accommodating environment, the Incubator invites Luxembourg and foreign entrepreneurs to share their stories and give advice to those who want to embark on a similar journey. A vast network of experts helps budding entrepreneurs take the necessary steps from the registration of the company in Luxembourg to fundraising and establishing contacts with clients.

The Incubator also provides the blossoming entrepreneurs with their own offices in Belval and allows them to benefit from the University's state-of-the-art facilities.

Furthermore, the Incubator's mentoring service offers tailor-made support to ambitious start-ups irrespective of the stage of the project. This support is provided by leading experts from the Luxembourg start-up ecosystem. 

HIVE magazine

The Incubator of the University of Luxembourg and the Entrepreneurship Programme together form the HIVE team. In this magazine, you can find out more about the events, initiatives and courses organised by the Entrepreneurship Programme, as well as some of the start-ups of the Incubator of the University of Luxembourg.

Magrid, an inclusive educational programme incubated at the University of Luxembourg

Tahereh Pazouki created the Magrid Learning Solution in the incubator at the University of Luxembourg during her PhD. It began as a spin-off, now it's a start-up. It is known across the globe and has won several awards. Don't miss this interview with its founder, Tahereh Pazouki.

'The country has a strong commitment to excellence and this concept is flourishing. The pace of development is very high and everything is constantly being improved' declared Tahereh Pazouki, the founder of Magrid Learning Solution.

Looking for ideas

Ideas are the basis of any project. However, it is necessary to create a suitable environment for them to flourish and to take shape. Two connected academic events highlight this approach: My Big Idea and the Ideation Camp.

My Big Idea is a competition that encourages students to develop their unique business ideas and then take them to the next level - the Ideation Camp. In order to participate in the My Big Idea competition, students or researchers from the university must submit their idea with at least one teammate, following the completion of a training course consisting of five workshops. For all those people who have an idea but no teammate or don't have an idea but want to participate in the competition, the university organises the Co-Founders Night. During these evenings, successful entrepreneurs from the Luxembourg ecosystem share their inspiring stories and offer valuable advice on how to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Make a note in your diary - the event takes place every Thursday night in October!

Ideation Camp is an intensive four-day practical course attended by the teams selected during the My Big Idea competition. The teams receive support from mentors from the Luxembourg entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as experts from the various fields of industry. On the last day, the ideas are presented to a versatile jury composed of members of the Rectorate, investors and entrepreneurs.

Ideation Camp 10

The 10th edition of the Ideation Camp took place in November 2022. At the opening ceremony, 13 teams presented their ideas to the audience. At the end of the course, only seven teams were shortlisted to showcase their projects on the closing day.

The E-mpact Pharma team won this edition of the competition. The team is composed of four university students: Queen Lenya (Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Naghmeh Rahimi (Master in Civil Engineering), Dilmurat Nurakhmetov (Master in Finance), and Utkirbek Ruzmatov (Master in Finance). E-mpact Pharma is developing an online platform where medicines can be easily exchanged between pharmacies, wholesale pharmaceutical distributors and the public. Their aim is to limit the number of expired or unused medicines that end up in the ecosystem as well as making medicines more accessible at a lower cost. The team was awarded 10,000 euros in project funding which they will now invest to achieve their goal.