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Do you need some time to unwind after a working day? Are you looking for a way to restore your body and mind? Luxembourg offers a wide range of wellness centres to provide you with spa care, relaxing moments and comforting massages. Based on your expectations, take your pick from this small selection of oases.

Mondorf-les-Bains and its thermal spa water

The story of the domaine thermal de Mondorf-les-Bains is fascinating. In fact, the first water drilling dates back to the 19th century and its objective was to find rock salt on the Luxembourgish territory in the face of a significant rise in the price of salt in Europe. The drillers never found any salt, but what they did find was a large body of thermal mineral water. As the first two sources are almost depleted, the Michel Lucius Source is the one from which you get the benefits of spa water when you visit the domaine thermal Mondorf. Today, it is the one and only spa source in Luxembourg.

The domaine thermal offers moments of relaxation, stays and health spas. It is also home to a fitness centre, two hotels and three restaurants.

Why not (re)discover the Moselle region after your disconnection moment?

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Wellness all over the country

If you live in or near the capital, Pidal Spa can be a good option to take a break. Featuring a sea water pool, a sauna area and theme-based spa suites, this green area located in Walferdange offers high end beauty treatments and massages. You can also combine spa treatments with sport at the fitness centre or in the pool.

Les Thermes lies in the vicinity of Luxembourg City. It is a recreational water park located in Strassen, which also offers a sauna and wellness area.

In the Ardennes region, several hotels and wellness centres are open all-year long.

For example, the Oa6 Wellness & Spa in Oberfeulen is specialised in health and wellness, and offers osteopathy and Watsu therapy, a Shiatsu technique adapted to water.

Do you fancy a health & history break? Urspelt Castle in the heart of the Our Nature Reserve is the right place for you. The buildings of the castle were listed as national Luxembourgish monuments in 2008 and this historic dwelling offers a wellness area and a gastronomic restaurant.

In the North of the country in Hosingen, you can also enjoy Aquanat'Our. It features a water park, a fitness centre and a sauna area with a steam bath, 60° sanarium, a cold pool and three types of saunas.

The Land of the Red Rocks is also home to areas for you to disconnect. In Differdange, Aquasud features a wellness area with five saunas, a steam bath, a cold bath and a whirlpool. To enjoy water in nature, the Escher Schwemm– Les bains du parc water park, a ten-minute walk from Esch-sur-Alzette, offers, among others, a sauna area with a Turkish bath and a Finnish sauna.

Good to know: the saunas of most of Luxembourg's wellness centres are ladies only one day per week!