Parks and gardens: nature in everyday life Perfect places for total peacefulness

Nature is just a stone's throw away in Luxembourg! Whether you are in the city centre, North, South, East or West of the Grand Duchy, there is always a park or a garden to escape reality and forget the stress of everyday life.

Green areas in the heart of the city centre

Luxembourg City is a perfect blend of business and relaxation. Over one quarter of the capital is made up of green areas. Just like Central Park in New York, the Petrusse Valley is the green lung or breather of Luxembourg: featuring green parks, it offers beautiful walks and peace and quiet in the heart of the city centre!

Take part in one of the various events that are held in the valley throughout the year. The most famous ones are the DKV Urban Trail and celebrations on the eve of National Day for children and adults alike.

Luxembourg City features other parks as well. The Edouard André Municipal Park is a haven of greenery with green areas such as the Kinnékswiss that are perfect to unwind. Merl-Belair Park, just a stone's throw away from the city centre, is without any doubt a favourite meeting place for families. Children can expend their energy at a wonderful playground while parents recharge their batteries in the meadows on the edges of the small lake or ponds.

All the municipal parks of the capital can be accessed on foot or by bicycle, and invite you to slow down and enjoy a quiet moment in our hectic world.

Several green spaces invite you to relax in the city center.
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The Pétrusse valley offers beautiful walks and a moment of serenity.
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Discover the Grand Duchy's wonderful gardens

Garden lovers, listen up! Come and visit the Klouschtergaart at the foot of the Bock rock. This garden will help you discover the rare crops of our regions. Their conservation is one of the main aims of the garden, which enjoys a very special micro-climate.

Outside Luxembourg City, you can admire botanical collections, exotic plants and many kinds of fruit-bearing trees in the French Gardens of Ansembourg Castle. A visit of the jardin d'art (art garden) in Wiltz is also certainly worth your while. What's more a wide range of gardens await you all over Luxembourg!