Discovering the performing arts in Luxembourg Theatre, dance and opera on the stages of the Grand Duchy

Are you a theatre, dance or opera lover? Are you looking for the latest productions of internationally consolidated companies as well as willing to discover the national panorama? The Grand Duchy's various theatres and cultural centres offer a range of performances that will surely meet your expectations. A diverse multilingual programme reflecting the country's cultural diversity awaits you. Follow us!

Opera, dance and theatre in the city

Internationally acclaimed companies and (co-)productions appear on the stages of the Grand Théâtre throughout the year. The main theatre room features 950 seats and can host large-scale performances, such as major opera production sets and musical theatres. The Studio is a smaller room which can be converted according to the performance's needs, making it ideal for more intimate experiences.

This proximity with actors is also one of the main features of the Théâtre des Capucins: with small performances that mean that you can come closer to the essence of the acting and experimentation. If you are visiting Luxembourg in spring, do not miss the TalentLab: 10 days of creation, shows, encounters and exchanges around the topic of theatre research and creation.

If you are looking for the showcase of national drama, the Théâtre national du Luxembourg is the right place for you. The fact that this theatre also has a real European vocation means that it often invites internationally acclaimed artists to take part in Luxembourgish productions and co-productions.

Performing arts are also predominant in Neimënster's programme of events!

At the Théâtre des Capucins, shows to approach the essence of play and experimentation.
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The Théâtre national du Luxembourg is the showcase of national dramatic art.
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From one end of the country to the other

Although major international productions are usually performed in Luxembourg City, theatres and cultural centres are scattered from one end of the country to the other and offer a diverse programme of quality.

On the edge of the Ardennes, the Centre des arts pluriels Ettelbruck (CAPe) offers around a hundred events per season and constitutes a solid springboard for emerging talent and new Luxembourgish creations.

Moreover, the Municipal theatre in Esch-sur-Alzette is a must if you are visiting the south of the country. Its renovated technical facilities have attracted the most demanding companies as well as daring productions with more experimental scenography.

The Municipal theatre in Esch-sur-Alzette is the place to be if you visit the south of the country.
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Centre des arts pluriels Ettelbruck (CAPe), a springboard for emerging talent.
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Multilingual performances for full integration

If performing arts and theatre in particular are essential to your personal development but you haven't yet mastered Luxembourg's three official languages, don't worry. In fact, one of the major positive characteristics of Luxembourg's theatres is their multilingualism. You can enjoy a wide range of performances in English, Portuguese or Italian, as well as in French, German or Luxembourgish.

Performances for children and young audiences are scheduled across the country.
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The programming of the Rotondes pays particular attention to school audiences.
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Performances for children

Luxembourg's cultural actors are well aware of the importance of making artistic creations accessible to children. As a result, many performances aimed at children and young people are programmed in almost every theatre room. Theatre plays a major role for the development of an open-minded, curious and empathetic society.

Since its inception, the Rotondes have paid particular attention to school-going audiences through their programme that covers all the levels of education from preschool to secondary school. Children and teenagers can not only enjoy performances such as circus creations, but also actively take part in them through organised workshops.

In the capital as well, Neumünster Abbey offers a special multilingual programme for schools.

In central Luxembourg, the Centre des arts pluriels Ettelbruck and the Mierscher Kulturhaus have been offering a programme for children and families known as Caku since 2007. Performances in various languages await little ones from the age of three!