European Heritage Days 2022 Discovering and sharing the rich cultural heritage

The European Heritage Days will take place from 23 September to 2 October 2022 in Luxembourg. Under the theme of 'Heritage and sustainable development', visitors will be able to enjoy various activities and events during a ten-day period. Don't miss the chance to take advantage of these opportunities and celebrate the splendour of our cultural heritage!

From Friday 23 September to Sunday 2 October 2022, a series of events will help to draw the attention of a large and diversified audience to the cultural wealth of Europe and its role in fostering a more sustainable and resilient future. For this edition, the focus is on sustainability! In particular, the programme will shine a light on old and sustainable renovation techniques and practices, more sustainable tourism and digital development through its various events.

The Heritage Days open the doors to sites which are usually closed to the public. The objective is to raise the awareness of visitors to the rich European culture and to show them the role that this heritage - built and natural - plays in providing greater sustainability. In this regard, particular emphasis has been placed on events aimed at young people, highlighting the connection between the natural heritage and the resident population. The agenda is brimming with a wide range of events, don't miss it!

What's happening?

The European Heritage Days have been the most widely celebrated participatory cultural event in Europe since 1991. European Heritage Days take place in the 50 signatory countries to the European Cultural Convention every year in September. The events which take place in each country are dedicated to a specific common theme. During the European Heritage Days, doors are opened to thousands of monuments and sites, allowing people to enjoy free visits, learn about their shared cultural heritage and become actively involved in safeguarding Europe's heritage for present and future generations.

The programme

The programme in Luxembourg showcases dozens of events and activities, such as the fairytale-like Abbey Orangery in Echternach and its park, the Bourglinster Castle, the 'A Possen' Museum dedicated to the trades of yesteryear, the Slate Museum and many others:

  • tours adapted to all ages;
  • open doors and guided tours of buildings, historical sites and museums;
  • workshops;
  • conferences;
  • concerts and many other festivities.
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