Winter hikes
The most beautiful winter sceneries await you all over the country

Winter often incites introspection. The cold weather is always a good excuse to take refuge at home while looking at snowfalls outside the window. But by doing so, we are missing out on unique experiences in Luxembourg: snowy landscapes will bring joy to young and old alike, frozen waterfalls and hiking trails at the end of which a hot cocoa awaits you to warm you up from inside and outside.

Luxembourg's dynamic spirit also comes across in winter. So don't leave your camera behind before going around the country with this selection of outdoor winter activities!

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The Luxembourg Ardennes - an invitation to meditation

The Waassersënneswee is a meditative trail bordering the course of the Dirbech brook, near Esch-sur-Sûre and Eschdorf. It celebrates the fundamental significance of water and the role it plays in nature. Throughout its 2.8km, the various theme-based stations give you the opportunity to experience shinrin-yoku, the popular Japanese activity of immersion in the forest with your five senses. It's surely a nice way of unwinding after a long year filled with work requirements. What's more, in winter, it's highly likely that you will find the brook frozen!

Idea to end the walk: a warm drink in Esch-sur-Sûre while admiring the ruined manor and the steep cliffs rising out of the river.

In the Moselle region... walks and raising your glass to the new year

With its relatively mild climate, the Luxembourg Moselle is also a region that also flourishes in winter. The three Boucles de rêve (dream loops) spell pleasure and quality for hikers: these three certified Premium Trails cover rock formations, vineyards, historical mills and forests. So tie up the laces of your hiking shoes and let's go!

You can end your trail with a tour of the cellars of Luxembourgish sparkling wine producers and raise your glass to the new year!

A walk amidst sculptures in the Guttland

If you visit the French Gardens of the Ansembourg Castle in the winter, you can not only discover the large fountains and the collection of sculptures adorning the park, but also the Eisch valley's natural environment. If you contact the Regional Tourist Office Centre/West, you can enjoy a guided tour to discover the gardens that were laid out as early as 1750.

If you prefer to immerse yourself in the forest, the Rindschleiden meditation hiking trail is what you need. It is an easy 1.5km trail to disconnect and collect your thoughts.

How about some goodies after your tour of the gardens or your walk in the forest? If you go to the Mersch Chocolate House, you are in for a treat! It's heaven-on-earth for chocolate lovers.

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Rock formations, legends and frozen waterfalls in the Mullerthal

Featuring narrow rocky passages and grottos, the Mëllerdall Nature and Geopark is an invitation to experience geology. Most of the park's trails can be used in the winter, but what makes this season stand out is that you can observe the spectacular rock formations really well as there is no foliage in sight!

The Wollesfsschlucht, meaning the 'wolf's gorge', is probably the most imposing natural monuments of the park: the rock walls rise up to 50 metres. Legend has it that a treasure is hidden in the gorge, guarded by a dog with sparkling eyes... who is actually a haunted Count! To discover it, take route 2 of the Mullerthal Trail

If it's a very cold day, tempt fate by visiting the Kalktuffquelle. These two sets of waterfalls are often covered in ice when the temperatures fall under the freezing point. To get there, take route 3 of the Mullerthal Trail.

Here's a tip: get hold of a hiking map of the region from the local tourist offices or the Regional Tourist Office Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, and check if the route you have selected is accessible.

The Land of the Red Rocks for experienced mountain biking lovers

Visiting the Ellergronn nature reserve - Natura 2000 that is in the vicinity of Esch-sur-Alzette is a highlight for both beginners and advanced hikers, and does not become too difficult in winter months. Covering a distance of 12km, it's an educational trail divided into three theme-based loops that can easily be combined. A real gem to explore as part of a hike!

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You're an experienced mountain bike lover in need of a physical challenge after the season's hearty meals? The RedRock MTB Trail Haard-black or Haard-red await you. Unique experience guaranteed - but the routes are tough.

Discover Luxembourg City's Christmas markets

Back to Luxembourg City after an outing surrounded by nature? The Christmas markets await you for a city walk!

Visit the 124 chalets of the Christmas markets and discover the wonderful lights of the Winterlights Festival. And while you're at it, why not treat yourself to some traditional Luxembourgish food, mulled wine varieties and other delights from afar?