Crémant Luxembourg's bubbly surprise

The Crémant de Luxembourg is the latest addition to the range of great sparkling wines of the Moselle region. Since its creation in 1991, the term 'Crémant de Luxembourg' has known a remarkable boom. Today, virtually every vintner has at least one crémant in its product range.

What is crémant?

Crémant is sparkling wine made from the best grapes of the Luxembourg vineyards. It differs from traditional sparkling wines by specific criteria, including good sound character and perfect ripeness of the grapes, which are transported without being crushed. Crémants may be of a single variety, but also blends and vintages.

Crémants are served as apéritif or at festive events and are a real treat. They agree with almost any food, from startes to deserts, but also as stand-alone beverage at receptions or when having some friends over.

Crémant should be served chilled. The ideal serving temperature is 6 to 8° C. It should be stored in a dry and chilly basement with a constant temperature between 10 and 12° C. The bottles should be lying down, so that the cork is in permanent contact with the wine.

Guaranteed quality

The exceptional quality of 'Crémant de Luxembourg' is guaranteed by the members of the tasting committee of the National Office of the AOC serving on the Board of the National Wine Brand (Commission de la Marque nationale du vin). The corks bear the inscription 'Crémant de Luxembourg' and the rectangular label on the back of the bottle marked 'Marque Nationale — Appellation contrôlée Crémant de Luxembourg', which certifies the origin and quality of the wine, under the control of the state.

Conditions for using the name 'Crémant' are strictly controlled (excerpt):

  • the grapes are harvested by hand;
  • no more than 100 litres of must are obtained from 150 kilos of grapes;
  • the vintage turns to sparkling wine through a second alcoholic fermentation in the bottle;
  • the sugar content amounts to less than 50 g/l.
The wines and crémants chosen to represent Luxembourg at the Dubai World Fair.

Different cuvées

There are also different cuvées of sparkling wines, which are produced from Luxembourg wines:

  • The brut, semi-dry and dry cuvées are light and lively sparkling wines.
  • The cuvée rosée is a rosé premium sparkling wine, fresh and fruity.
  • The Royal is a semi-sparkling sparkling wine, fresh and light.
  • The Cassis and Peach cuvées are aperitifs based on sparkling wine and fruit liqueur, fresh and fruity.