Moselle: a grape and wine growing region Discover the Moselle region through its grape and wine growing heritage

Located in the East of the country, the Moselle is named after the river that draws the 42km of natural border between the Grand Duchy and Germany. Featuring mild climate, this land of flavours boasts a long standing grape and wine growing tradition only 20km from the Grand Duchy's capitalWine plays the main role in this Moselle history that we invite you to experience. Discover the region by visiting its vineyards and cellars and tasting its wines, hiking, cycling or even by boat. It will not only be a delightful experience for lovers of white and sparkling wines, but also for those keen on nature and outdoor activities!

A long grape and wine growing tradition

Before travelling through the region from one end to the other, let's take a brief look at its history and geology to find out why the Moselle is a region with a long grape and wine growing tradition.

This 250 million year-old valley was worked by the Celts, Gauls and Romans who already tended vineyards there! Monasteries extended the vineyard in the Middle Ages and, towards the late 19th century, production focused primarily on the Elbling grape variety for export to Germany. In fact, Luxembourg was part of the Deutsche Zollverein since 1842, the German Customs Union, and the musts were used to blend local wines or were transformed into cheap sparkling wine (Sekt). The 1920's marked the development and diversification of vineyards with the Wine Institute (Institut viti-vinicole) that was founded in Remich in 1925. With the establishment of the Appellation d’origine contrôlée – Moselle luxembourgeoise (protected designation of origin) in the 1980's, Luxembourg wines and sparkling wines were given a key to the world.

The history of the valley and its wines takes place within well-defined geology. Between Schengen and Wasserbillig, the Moselle river has crafted a hilly landscape, cut out of limestone and clayey marl, representing an ideal birthplace for viticulture. In fact, these two different rock formations bestows upon Luxembourgish wines their distinct characteristics.

From Schengen to Greiveldange, the valley is open, the hillsides slope gently and the vines grow on the clayey soil, resulting in rounded wines. In the canton of Grevenmacher predominate the limestone slopes on which erosion has formed steeper slopes and a narrower valley. ​ These wines are more racy, in the image of the territory.

Fany a taste of this realm? There is something for everyone, follow us!

The Luxembourg Moselle: a small area with a large number of wine-growing sites.
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The vineyards of the village of Wormeldange are situated on limestone hillsides and the slopes are steeper than in the south of the region.
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Walking through the vines...

Are you keen on the wine-growing side and would you like to explore the Moselle vineyards? Come and walk through the valley on foot or by bike.

If you are fond of sparkling wine, take the circular walk Crémant. Here, you will discover the three charming villages of Wellenstein, Bech-Kleinmacher and Schwebsange as well as the way of life and work in the vineyards. On this 4.8km themed trail, you will naturally learn all about this sparkling wine, Crémant.

If you are an avid hiker, the Dream Loops are a must, especially the Wine and Nature Path Palmberg Ahn. ​ Covering 8.4km, the path starts in the wine-growing town of Ahn. Along limestone rocks, the route takes you through the Palmberg's vineyards with its breathtaking views of the Moselle Valley. Lush forests and orchids await you!

You can also discover the Moselle actively by bike. If you fancy a bigger adrenaline rush, the mountain bike tour in Grevenmacher is a must. This tour starts near the archaeological site at Potaschberg, which forms the foundations of a 2nd century funerary monument and reminds us that the Romans were already winegrowers in the Moselle region!

Don't worry if you don't own a bike suitable for the tour you fancy doing: the Entente touristique de la Moselle luxembourgeoise offers a bike rental service: Rent a Bike Miselerland. With rental stations scattered over the region, the services not only include mountain bike and electric bike rentals, but also road assistance. Luggage transport is also available.

The village of Wellenstein, an enchanting setting for discovering Luxembourg's crémants.
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Discover the Moselle by bike: Rent a Bike Miselerland offers a bike rental service.
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... then discover wines

Would you like to find out about wine related factors that play a role after the harvest, and in particular about tastings?

Halfway between vines and glasses, the Am Herscht walking trail will let you experience the atmosphere of harvesting (and only during this period!). After a 6km hike, enjoy a tasting of Fiederwäissen, the local wine undergoing fermentation, alongside onion tart. A real Luxembourgish tradition that goes hand in hand with a festive aperitif not to be missed!

To taste more sophisticated wines and sparkling wines, a huge array is available: over 40 cellars and estates await you to discover Luxembourg's aromas. Are you a fan of Riesling - a racy fruity wine with mineral notes? Do you love the full aromas of Gewürztraminer? Select your wines and explore the wine estates of the Moselle.

If you want a tasting to discover wines and other regional local products, the Wine Cheese Enjoy and the Wine Taste Enjoy are just what you need. These two gastronomic events that take place in early February and on Whit Sunday bring together winemakers and restaurant owners to present the best vintage wines with regional specialities. Make a note in your diary!

The walking tour Am Herscht, an opportunity to discover the Fiederwäissen.
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Numerous Moselle wine cellars offer tours and tastings.
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Off the beaten track

Do you fancy a completely new approach to discovering the region by following in the footsteps of the wines?

Driving for 115km along vineyards, the Moselle river and beautiful orchids, what better setting can you imagine for cruising around in your vintage car or on your motorbike? This special route will take you to explore not only the picturesque villages and the endless vineyards, but also a unique cultural and river landscape. So fill up your fuel tank, put your sunglasses on and get ready for the ride!

Recreation boats are a perfect alternative for those who love ultimate relaxation. Aboard the boat known as Princesse Marie-Astrid, enjoy the sunshine with a glass of sparkling wine as the vineyards, picturesque villages and gentle hills unfold.

At the end of your journey, you will have lots of experiences to share and the Moselle region will be yours - meng Musel.

Aboard Princess Marie-Astrid, enjoy the sun, a cup of crémant in hand.
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The Moselle in a vintage car: a real adventure.
© Georg Eiermann, Unsplash