Tours for children Discovering nature and biodiversity with young explorers

Willing to discover the nature and biodiversity of the Grand Duchy with your family? Are you looking for excursion ideas for your children and their friends? Here is a selection of circular walks to entertain both young and old, while enhancing your knowledge along the way!

A journey through wonderland in the Land of the Red Rocks

Who doesn't like to relive fairy tales and legends with the young members of the family? The town of Differdange has created the Mäerchenwee nature trail with six landmarks sculpted in wood, each one depicting a scene from a fairy tale: Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio, etc. as well as Luxembourgish fairy tales such as "Klenge roude Léiw", by Mireille Weiten-de Waha, and many more.

They are not just reference points but places to play: the sculpted landmarks offer various challenges for young children, such as climbing a wall with the help of Rapunzel's hair. Along the trail, forest animals sculpted from wood are hidden from sight. You can use the telescopes placed at various locations on the path to find them. But don't forget to bring your binoculars with you, just in case!

How can I get there? The Mäerchenwee nature trail begins on rue Metzkimmert in Differdange. It offers 1km of unmissable entertainment; the trail is suitable for prams.

Explore nature with Robi, the forest elf, in the Ardennes

The Mam Robi duerch de Bësch walking trail in Hosingen, is ideal for young children. It allows them to play and explore the natural world at the same time, while working on their skills and aptitude. Along the 3km trail, Robi the elf will join you on the watchtower to observe the animals and encourages children to test their balance on several rope courses.

Are you eager to find out more about the different species of trees? Then look no further! Thanks to the arboretum, you can test your newly acquired knowledge later on during a rally!

The starting point of the trail is located close to the Park Housen ecological and tourist centre in Hosingen.

The Mäerchenwee trail with six landmarks sculpted in wood, each one depicting a scene from a fairy tale (Differdange, Land of the Red Rocks).
© Ville de Differdange, all rights reserved
Walking trail Mam Robi duerch de Bësch, in Hosingen (Luxembourg Ardennes).
© Naturpark Our, all rights reserved

To bee or not to bee... Learn all about bees in the City of Luxembourg

Un-bee-lievable moments in the Luxembourg capital! The City of Luxembourg recently launched a bee walking trail of approximately 2.5km which showcases the characteristics of bees, bumblebees, hornets and wasps in an educational and fun way.

The 13 stages of the Beien an der Stad trail gives children and adults the chance to learn about the differences between bees and wasps, find out how bees find their way around, and discover the basics on colonisation and pollination. The trail includes an opportunity to see a beehive for wild bees and experience the comings and goings of these diligent workers.

The signs are printed in French, German and English and provide detailed explanations about biodiversity in the city and the role that these vital insects play in the life of all living creatures. Furthermore, from May to September, the City of Luxembourg organises guided tours lasting around 2.5 hours. Participation is free of charge but registration is compulsory. Please check the City of Luxembourg website for more information.

Discover the wealth of biodiversity with Joffer Margot in the Mullerthal

The imaginary teacher Joffer Margot and her friend the owl await you in Consdorf to raise awareness of the natural heritage and different biotopes in the Mullerthal. While walking along the Joffer Margot educational nature trail, you'll learn about the significance of protecting our natural environment and discover, via 11 information panels, the biological wealth of the region, which often goes unnoticed. Dry stone walls, ponds, a forest filled with beech trees and even a bug hotel will provide unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

The trail has three different routes, each marked by different coloured pictograms, allowing you to adapt your trip to the age of your budding hikers. It takes about 2 hours to complete all three trails.

If you plan on going by car, the nearest car park is located at Konstrëfer Millen; if you plan on taking the bus, the stop is Consdorf-Konstrëfermillen, which is located 50m from the start of the trail.

The Beien an der Stad tour, an opportunity to discover the world of bees with the little ones.
© Damien Tupinier, Unsplash
Joffer Margot educational nature trail, in the Mullerthal - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland.
© ORT Région Mullerthal, all rights reserved

When birds meet futuristic architecture on the Moselle

Did you know that the Haff Réimech nature reserve is the most species-rich wetland in Luxembourg? Despite only covering 0.1% of the total surface area of the country, 76% of the bird species detected in the Grand Duchy have been observed here. The ponds in the reserve are an important stopover point for many protected bird species during their migration. Without a doubt, this is the place to be if you are a bird lover and you want to pass on your passion to the younger members of your family, while introducing them to bird watching.

The Biodiversum Camille Gira nature centre and forest in Remerschen is located next to the reserve. This stunning building is an architectural masterpiece and houses interactive exhibits on topics such as bird and nature conservation. Also, it is the starting point of various nature discovery trails; the trail around the pond is perfect for bird watching. Don't forget your binoculars! From one of the many observation huts, you might be able to spot the little ringed plover, the great crested grebe or the cuckoo. Children will love it!

The centre is open from Tuesday to Sunday and entrance is free of charge. Guided tours are also available on request in Luxembourgish, French, German and English. The tours from March to September are especially interesting as this is the period when many migratory birds pass through Luxembourg!

The Biodiversum Camilla Gira nature centre and forest, in Remerschen (Moselle), is the starting point for several discovery trails.
© Office Régional du Tourisme Région Moselle / Jan Schwarz, all rights reserved