A tour of Luxembourg through its markets Local products or antiques, Luxembourg markets for all tastes

Luxembourg towns and villages invite you to discover their markets. In the morning or throughout the day, squares abound with stalls with local produce, second-hand items and antiques. Come and see the wide range of fresh produce or find treasures amidst the items sold at the markets of Luxembourg.

Fresh food markets

Seasonal fruit, fresh vegetables, local meat - Luxembourg's fresh food markets are mouth-watering. Luxembourg's fresh markets offer an extensive range of produce locally sourced in the country and from further afield. These products are very popular in Luxembourg because of their quality, and you are welcome to visit one of the weekly markets to find it out for yourself.

One of the most popular fresh food market is on every Wednesday and Saturday in Luxembourg City, on the Place Guillaume II and Place de Paris squares. The market offers food ranging from jam, vegetables, meat, to syrups, bread, eggs and cheese - as well as plants.

Many other towns have their very own not-to-be-missed fresh food market once or twice a week:

Aside from weekly markets, some markets take place on a monthly or bi-monthly basis in Mamer, Strassen, Hesperange, Bettembourg, Differdange, Schifflange, etc. Many places have their own market. Ask your municipal administration if you want to find out more about markets in your region.

You will find information on affiliated markets' opening hours on the website of the Lëtzebuerger Maarteverband (Luxembourg Federation of Markets).

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Looking for more information? Here are the Luxembourgish federations which organise markets and flea markets.

Flea markets and antiques

Flea markets and antique stalls are always worth a visit. You will often find small dealers with delightful items and sometimes even little treasures.

The 'Antiques & Art Fair Luxembourg', which takes place every year at Luxexpo, is the largest event for antiques and second-hand items in Luxembourg, set on a surface of over 4,500m2.

Several other places - including the town of Echternach and Luxembourg City - organise their own flea markets and/or antique sales.

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The Glacismaart - Luxembourg's biggest market

The Glacismaart is the biggest market in Luxembourg. The market brings together hundreds of fresh food, second-hand and textile dealers on the Glacis car park in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg. It is on every 3rd Sunday of the month from March to November (apart from August).

Garage sales and flea markets

Luxembourg is an Aladdin's Cave for treasure hunters. Local initiatives organise many garage sales and flea markets across the country, including the famous garage sale in Luxembourg City.