Luxembourg elected 'very ecological' by expats

In its latest report on destinations for expats, the InterNations network put the environment and sustainability of host countries in the limelight. 60 countries were analysed and Luxembourg was ranked 10th.

Luxembourg is considered to be one of the safest countries on earth. But what are the views of foreigners in the Grand Duchy on its ecological or even sustainable nature? 

The latest report of the InterNations network provides us with an answer to this question. This time, an overall ranking of the best destinations for expats in 2020 was not established. Instead, it focused on analysing the environment and sustainable development.

This Environment & Sustainability Ranking has scrutinized the ecological behaviour and the concern of the inhabitants for the environment as well as the political awareness for ecological topics. For example, waste management and recycling, environmental policy, energy supply or air quality and water treatment were analysed.

In this report, Luxembourg was ranked 10th out of 60 countries that were analysed, just behind Germany (8th) but before the Netherlands (12th), France (17th) and Belgium (27th). The European countries and in this case Scandinavian countries dominate the ranking. Finland, Sweden and Norway reached the podium. Egypt (58th), Kuwait (59th) and India (60th) were ranked last. 

The Expat Insider 2020 report presents a ranking of the best and worst host countries for expats who care about the environment and sustainability. The report is based on an opinion poll involving over 15,000 expats representing 173 nationalities and residing in 181 different countries.  

Heaven for cyclists

Luxembourg's score is relatively balanced considering the poll's results. In any case, they represent the interpretations of foreign residents living in the Grand Duchy. In the light of the poll's three main pillars, the Grand Duchy ranked  10th for the criterion of the availability of green goods and services. Four out of five expats (80%) are positive about the country's energy supply, and 84% are satisfied with the waste management and recycling infrastructure. ​

Luxembourg also did well in the People and Politics subcategory (11th). 83% of those questioned indicate that the government supports policies for environmental protection. And the majority of expatriates (70%) also believe that the local population is concerned about environmental issues.

Even for the environmental quality criterion, Luxembourg is at the head of the pack, reaching the 13th position. ​ In the comments, one can read that a Belgian expat particularly likes "the green and lush landscape", and an American also emphasises "the access to nature for hiking and cycling" as an undeniable advantage of living in Luxembourg. All in all, 92% of respondents love Luxembourg's natural environment.

Moreover, almost nine expats out of 10 (89%) deem the quality of water and sanitation in Luxembourg to be most remarkable, while 78% of expats are satisfied with the air quality.

The majority of respondents agree that Luxembourg supports environmental protection.
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Hiking and cycling are undeniable assets of life in Luxembourg.
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