Ride your bike With so many offers for all kinds of bikers, it's hard not to ride a bike in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg had lived through a remarkable shift recently, from a car-centric country to a heaven for bikers. From quality labels for bike tourism and government aids to a new urban landscape adapted to soft mobility, Luxembourg has a lot to offer if you prefer to pedal. Slowly but steadily, Luxembourg is becoming one of Europe's most bike-friendly countries, with many offers, for commuters, tourists and casual bikers alike. Discover why.

Multimodal mobility - bike anywhere, anytime

'Multimodal' has been a cornerstone of Luxmebourg's mobility concept. The gratuity of public transports has boosted its popularity, and so the emphasis is being put increasingly on allowing people to switch between modes of transport with ease. 

Many railway stations boast so-called M-Boxes, secured boxes for bike storage. If you have an M-Kaart card (available for free here), you will be able to leave your bike while you take the train to your workplace, then pick it up anytime you wish.

And if you wish to take your bike with you, that should not be a problem either, as the national railway carriages have spaces reserved for bikes. This option is especially popular with many tourists who wish to discover the country on two wheels.

Luxembourg City and Esch-sur-Alzette also boast 24h bike rental services, which allow you to travel through the city without breaking a sweat: Vel'oh and Vël'ok are both operating with e-bikes.

Cycling paths - priority to slow tourism

Whether they are close to nature, on former rail tracks, uneven roads at the foot of a fortified castle from yesteryear or along a river, Luxembourg's cycling paths are just as diverse as they are impressive. 

The Grand Duchy currently has a network of 600km of cycling paths, which should be reaching around 900km by 2028.

A series of cycling 'expressways' links the country's regions. This collection of 23 cycling paths is rapidly being extended, so as to create a dense network of paths that allow a quick and easy transit trough the country. Additionally, a series of local and regional cycling paths allows you to leave the urban areas and explore the hidden beauty of our country. 

You can even get lost in the country, albeit in a good way. The label Bed+Bike lists a large number of participating hotels and hostels that are especially biker-friendly. These businesses offer a series of services tailored for bikers, such as lockable storage for your bike(s), repair and maintenance kits, information for bikers and an adapted diet to master the next stage.

And for the baggage that doesn't fit on your bike, there's a solution too. Just register with MoveWeCarry.lu and leave your suitcases at your accommodation. The national railway company CFL will pick them up and deliver them to your next stop, so a fresh set of clothes will be waiting for you.

Luxembourg's cycling paths network is constantly improving with the goal of making it an attractive and practical alternative to motorised traffic.
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Vel'oh bikes in Luxembourg City. Rent them for a small fee and explore the millennial city.
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Bicycle rental - fast and easy

Bicycle rental services are available in selected regions, and the cities of Luxembourg and Esch-sur-Alzette have an operational self-service rental bike system:

  • Vel'oh is the name of Luxembourg City's bike rental.
  • Vëlok is the bike rental in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg's second largest city. 700 bikes await your stay.
Many regions have their own initiatives. So, if you would like to spontaneaously take to the fields and forests on a bike, that is always a possibility in Luxembourg.

Key biking events in Luxembourg

These initiatives are witness to a renewed interest in the biking in the Grand Duchy. A number of events is also promoting this way of travelling or commuting, encouraging the shift in public perception.

Mam Vëlo op d'Schaff oder an d'Schoul

Every year in June and July, the Ministry of Mobility organises this event, called Mam Vëlo op d'Schaff oder an d'Schoul (With a bike to work or to school). MVOS is a competition, in which your team of classmates or work colleagues competes against teams from other schools and workplaces for the Golden Gear, the prizes which will be awarded to the team having mobilised the most participants. The aim is to raise awareness for alternative modes of transportation including the bike. Participants can use that to their advantage, i.e. use other means of transportation to complete their journey.


Since 2020, the Vëlosummer (bike summer) has been bringing biking enthusiasts together during summer. For every edition, a number of regional round-circuits are defined, with a varying difficulty degree, for the joy of families and hardcore bikers alike. On several weekends, roads will even be closed to motorised traffic, to allow for an unforgettable experience. Along the Vëlosummer routes, take and send photos of your favourite moments and places, tagged #Velosummer, and win amazing prizes in the photo contest. This makes the Vëlosummer not just a great opportunity to saddle up, but also to discover Luxembourg and meet its population.

Tour du Duerf

The name of this game (which means Village Tour in Luxembourgish) should come as no surprise: Luxembourgers love the Tour de France (and have won it too!). And yes, this as a nationwide game that takes place every year in September. Its goal is to promote a sense of solidarity and cooperation that is necessary to save our planet. Participants register on the website, and note the distance that they bike in a mobile app. At the end of the event, the municipality with the highest score wins! And participants usually also get a small prize.