Public transport Fast and free, the best way to explore the country

Public transport is a fast, clean and free way of getting about in Luxembourg. Yes, you heard it right: it's free! Since 2020, all modes of public transport - buses, trains and the tram - have been free of charge throughout Luxembourg. And with a network that is constantly adapting to the passengers' needs and the addition of the tram, this form of transport is increasingly popular with residents and visitors alike.

All networks are free

Since 29 February 2020, public transport has been free for everybody, residents as well as tourists. This is the case for trains, trams and buses (RGTR, TICE, AVL). In other words, you don't need to buy a ticket anymore. The only exception are tickets and subscriptions for the 1st class, which still have to be paid for. A fee will be charged at the applicable rates. 

However, all passengers must be able to show a personal identity document at any time if requested by the conductor. 

From the city to the countryside by bus, train and tram

Luxembourg offers an interconnected network of buses, trains and trams that allows you to access any destination smoothly. Indeed, even though the urban centres, such as Luxembourg City and the agglomerations in the north and south of the country are very well linked, the rural regions also benefit from a guaranteed service, during the week as well as on weekends. Transport connections can easily be looked up via the app (App Store or Google Play Store) or via the Mobilitéitszentral's website (Mobility Centre).

Luxembourg also benefits from good cross-border connections, with direct access to the German, French and Belgian networks. Thus, the German high-speed train ICE, as well as the French TGV meet up in Luxembourg City and allow transit in all comfort. To synchronise your cross-border travels, go to Mobiregio, the Greater Region's platform.

© SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

A comprehensive range of services

You can also use the CityBus to get around the towns and villages, and return home safe and sound after one or more beers on the Night Bus or the Night Rider, which run at weekends. A number of municipalities also offer an on-call bus service (Ruffbus) which picks you up from your home. The relevant local authority can provide more information on the services offered.

People with a disability can also use the Adapto-service, a taxi-bus with door-to-door service. Indeed, a major emphasis is placed on the accessibility of public transport in Luxembourg. Together with experts, the Verkéiersverbond has worked out a series of tools which guarantee that people with visual or aural impairments have access to all the information and timetables. Moreover, we also work to achieve barrier-free transportation for mobility-impaired people.

Train and bike? Not a problem here in Luxembourg! You can take your bicycle with you on trains free of charge(subject to the availability of seats). And what if you would like to leave your bike at the train station? No problem: the bikebox network allows you to drop your bike off at the train station and leave it parked safely until you return.

Planning on going abroad?

Luxembourg is very well integrated into the international rail network. Departures to Trier, Metz and Brussels every hour and to Liège every two hours. A weekend in Paris? The City of Lights is only two hours away on the high-speed train (TGV, in French)! Check out the timetable on the website of the Luxembourg Railway Company for more information.