Public holidays in Luxembourg Find this and next year's public holidays on this page

As in many European countries, a majority of public holidays in Luxembourg have their origins in Christian festivals. But did you know that Luxembourg is currently the only country to have declared Europe Day on 9th May a public holiday? Or that the Grand Duke's birthday, which is celebrated on 23rd June, actually is on 16th April? On this page, you'll find a complete list of all the public holidays in Luxembourg, for this and the next year.

Public holidays in Luxembourg

Without further delay, here are Luxembourg's legal public holidays. "Legal" in this context means that these days have been fixed by the law of 25 April 2019. ​ However, there are also bank holidays, such as Good Friday (14 April) and Christmas Eve afternoon (24 December).

Are you looking for information on school holidays? You'll find them on, Luxembourg's online administrative portal.

Public holiday 2024 2025
New Year 1 January (Monday) 1 January (Wednesday)
Easter Monday 1 April (Monday) 21 April (Monday)
Mayday 1 May (Wednesday) 1 May (Thursday)
Europe Day 9 May (Thursday) 9 May (Friday)
Ascension Day 9 May (Thursday) 29 May (Thursday)
Whit Monday 20 May (Monday) 9 June (Monday)
National Day 23 June (Sunday) 23 June (Monday)
Assumption 15 August (Thursday) 15 August (Friday)
All Saints 1 November (Friday) 1 November (Saturday)
Christmas 25 December (Wednesday) 25 December (Thursday)
Boxing Day 26 December (Thursday) 26 December (Friday)