Top 5: why it's good to live by bike in Luxembourg

Welcome to the land of Charly Gaul and the Schleck brothers! These cyclists and their legendary races have attracted the world's attention and left their mark on the history of Luxembourgish cycling. However, cycling in Luxembourg is not just about sport, it is also beating heart of the country's soft mobility initiative. A proactive and pro-cycling policy has led to the development of various facilities and initiatives in different parts of the Grand Duchy. An overview.  

600 km of cycle paths

Cycling and Luxembourg – a match made in heaven! The legends Charly Gaul, François Faber, the Schleck brothers and many other iconic heroes to have graced the saddle have successfully steered Luxembourg to the summit of the cycling world. But cycling in the Grand Duchy is not just the domain of professional cyclists.

Thanks to a proactive and pro-cycling policy, Luxembourg now boasts a highly developed and modern cycling network. There are 600 kilometres of cycle paths and 700 kilometres of mountain bike tracks set among the beautiful and diverse landscape. In fact, the Grand Duchy is a true paradise for cyclists, full of picturesque routes meandering through the historic villages in the Ardennes, scenic woodland, the steep valleys and the green hills of this natural wonderland in the north of the country. 

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Whether you are a professional sportsperson or a cycling enthusiast, these routes cater for all levels of difficulty. And if you no longer have the energy to cycle up the hills, just take a detour along the winding paths of the Moselle. A picturesque backdrop worthy of the most beautiful postcards will be your reward for taking the longer but equally scenic route! 

Once you have cycled past the vineyards, the path continues towards the south of the country, where Luxembourg's historical legacy was forged and where today, in the bowels of the Land of the Red Rocks, the most vertiginous trails for mountain bikers can be found. In the "Iron Metropolis", on the cycle path, you will also discover the longest bicycle bridge in Europe, which was opened in December 2022. At last, a mini motorway just for bicycles, allowing you to pedal quietly, away from the traffic between Esch-sur-Alzette and Belval. 

Luxembourg by bike is a journey full of surprises...

  • Mountain bike cleaning stations: if your bike is covered in mud after your ride through the countryside, take advantage of the cleaning stations for bikes and mountain bikes. Here are some of the locations with cleaning stations: Mamer, Dudelange, Echternach.
  • If you want to ride your mountain bike with a breath-taking view behind you, don't miss these events: Mill Man TrailMountainbike Trail Lalléngerbierg - Gaalgebierg
  • ACL Bike Assistant: if your electric bike breaks down due to a battery issue, then contact the ACL Bike Assistant,  who can repair your bicycle directly on the spot thanks to a service vehicle equipped with a mobile electric charging terminal. 

Bed & bike

Luxembourg is a popular destination for cycling tourists from all over the world and offers cycle paths to suit all levels. And for those embarking on a longer journey by bike, it's important to find somewhere to sleep at night. The Grand Duchy offers several options: a wide range of campsites, hotels, gîtes, estates, guesthouses and inns offer ideal accommodation for cyclists. The bed+bike label ensures that cyclists are welcomed in the best conditions.

This label was introduced in Luxembourg by the Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with LVI (Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ) in 2011. From luxury hotels to family-run guesthouses, the bed+bike label certifies the quality of service offered by approximately 95 establishments.  

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Luxembourg by bike is a journey full of surprises...

  • MovewecarryThanks to the luggage service, cyclists can have their luggage delivered free of charge from one accommodation to another. This service is the perfect practical solution for exploring Luxembourg on foot or by bike. 

Bicycles in the city - a success story

After completing a tour of the countryside, it's off to the city, where cycling is becoming more and more popular. Last year, the city of Luxembourg registered more than one million bicycle journeys, thanks to ground sensors placed at very specific locations. This figure has increased by 36% compared to the previous year, according to the ProVelo association. Many people now ride to the office, while others use their bikes to go shopping or on excursions. There is also evidence that more and more families are using a cargo bike to take their children to school.

It is clear that the bicycle has become extremely popular with residents and therefore the city authorities continue to invest in cycling to make it as accessible as possible. Hence, numerous facilities for cyclists have sprung up in the various districts of the capital. 

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This includes the bicycle network, which has been extended by seven new streets in 2022, the M-Box, the secure spaces available to protect your bike against vandalism, the bike parking and, of course, the 24/7 self-service bike hire service.

The Vel'oh bicycle service in Luxembourg city was launched in 2008 and now has 116 stations with 1,010 bicycles, 88 of which are in the capital. Self-service soft mobility is also available in Esch-sur-Alzette, the second largest city in the Grand Duchy. In this town, the system is called Vel'ok and is offered free of charge at about forty stations in the City of Esch alone. Throughout the whole Vel'ok zone, which consists of nine neighbouring municipalities, this figure exceeds 120 units. 

Luxembourg by bike is a journey full of surprises...

  • Bicycle rental: bicycles suitable for all ages can be rented in the Grund from Vélo en ville. Groups of four people or more, children and young people under 26 years of age receive a 20% discount on the bicycle rental price. The bicycles can be rented per day, for the weekend or a week.
  • Public bicycle pumps: two pumps are available to cyclists free of charge: one is located at the entrance to the municipal park close to the Schuman roundabout and the other is south of the Viaduct footbridge (Al Bréck). These pumps are suitable for all types of bicycle tyres.
  • Recycling service: repair and maintenance of bicycles carried out by and for applicants for international protection and beneficiaries of welfare support.

Bicycle subsidy

Residents are actively encouraged to use bicycles in Luxembourg, as proven by the State aid granted for this soft mode of transport. Nurturing the culture of cycling is clearly one of the country's main objectives, alongside reducing the environmental impact and reducing CO2 emissions of daily travel.

Moreover, the incentives are particularly attractive when you buy an electric bicycle. As part of the Clever fueren scheme, any private individual who purchases an electrically assisted bicycle will be granted a subsidy corresponding to 50% of the price of the bike (including taxes), up to a maximum amount of 600 euros. And the good news just keeps coming... this State aid will be granted up to and including 31 March 2024. This subsidy can be granted only once every five years per person. There are no restrictions with regard to the place of purchase of the bicycle or pedelec25, i.e. it can be purchased in Luxembourg, abroad or on the internet. 

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During the summer, cycling enthusiasts are encouraged to get on their bikes for the Vëlosummer. During this event, the organisers offer a dozen routes covering approximately 500 km. This initiative gives the whole family the opportunity to hop on their bikes and embark on a journey that combines nature, cultural attractions and the chance to savour local products.

Every year, the municipalities taking part and the five regional tourist offices (RTOs) contribute to the event's tourism framework programme by offering activities along the routes. Local cycling clubs organise barbecues, creating a festive atmosphere on the different circuits.

The Vëlosummer is therefore an ideal opportunity to find out more about restaurants, accommodation, tourist sites and bicycle hire in the different regions.

Another key event for cyclists is the Alles op de Velo, initiative organised by the Mouvement écologique and the municipalities of Mamer, Kopstal and Mersch. On this day dedicated solely to cycling, young and old alike have the chance to ride through the Mamer valley... without any traffic! 

Luxembourg by bike is a journey full of surprises...

  • The ProVelo association organises "lighting" campaigns in winter to allow cyclists to check and repair the lights on their bicycles, where necessary.
  • If you want to get to work or school while boosting your health and reducing CO2 emissions, then join the Mam Vëlo op d'Schaff oder an d'Schoul initiative. 

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