Industry in Luxembourg: a sector on the move

Deeply rooted in the Grand Duchy's heritage, Luxembourg's industrial sector is currently showcasing itself as a platform for sustainable innovation fully focused on efficient production which addresses environmental challenges and embraces new technologies. In its shift towards a new industrial era, the sector is preparing for a digitalised future in order to maintain its competitiveness and resilience.

Moving towards a new industrial age

Coupled with the energy transition of companies, the digital transformation of production techniques is currently guiding Luxembourg industry towards a new industrial era that welcomes the adoption of modern information and communication technologies as well as automated processes. Initiatives such as the Digital Innovation Hub aim to support companies in this evolution, by providing expertise in the field of digital and innovative technologies and fostering networking at national and European level.

The DIH ON TOUR or L-DIH Talks programmes deal with issues such as sustainability and digital transformation, while supporting the interconnection of stakeholders. It also provides an opportunity to share experience and knowledge. Visits to modern sites and prospecting missions abroad enable to explore best practices outside the Grand Duchy and raise awareness of the need for transition in the sector.

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The steel industry: origin of the country's wealth

The steel industry: origin of the country's wealthSince the 19th century, the steel industry has imposed itself as an important part of the Luxembourgish identity. It was, after all, at the root of the Grand Duchy's wealth and modernisation! Today, Luxembourg is the headquarters for the global leader in steel ArcelorMittal, resulting from the merger between Arcelor and the Mittal Steel Company in 2006.

Fun fact:  Did you know that 12,000 tonnes of Luxembourgish steel are found in the form of beams in the One World Trade Center in New York? ​

Would you like to develop a business in Luxembourg?

Through clusters of Luxinnovation - Luxembourg's national innovation agency - the Grand Duchy offers an extensive support network to key players. These initiatives have been developed with the aim of facilitating the creation of synergies and added value in the industrial ecosystem. The outcome is new partnerships through national and international RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) projects.

Companies are supported by Luxinnovation and its Materials & Manufacturing Cluster, as well as other stakeholders such as Fedil and Energieagence, in the analysis of their needs in order to optimise processes and investments. A particular emphasis has been placed on the sustainable transformation of businesses and the modernisation of production equipment, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption. This cooperative network is propelling Luxembourg industry forward in its efforts to innovate and develop new technologies!

Industrial companies can benefit from a wide range of financial aid to support their initiatives to improve energy efficiency, protect the environment and carry out RDI projects.

A prosperous industry

In the wake of the era dominated by the steel industry, Luxembourg set up a constructive economic policy to develop new activities. Owning to the Grand Duchy's liberal, flexible and innovative legal framework, it has attracted a large number of leading international players. Several companies specialising in materials (such as plastics) and metals (like steel and aluminium) have chosen Luxembourg as the ideal location to set up their business.

Consequently, a highly diversified business landscape has developed in recent years, including:

  • major international industrial groups, such as Avery Dennison, United Caps, Fanuc and Ceratizit/Plansee Group;
  • local industries, such as Euro-Composites and Rotarex, which are international leaders in their fields;
  • SMEs that are developing their business and embracing innovation, such as Saturne Technology, Gradel and SolarCleano.