Industrial production Luxembourg's industry counts

Luxembourg's economy, known today for its tertiary sector, rests on a long industrial tradition. Luxembourg's industrial sector presents itself today as an innovative platform for engineering and technologies. Many companies specialising in materials such as glass, cement and steel have chosen to set up in Luxembourg.

The steel industry: origin of the country's wealth

Since the 19th century, the steel industry has imposed itself as an important part of the Luxembourgish identity. It was, after all, at the root of the Grand Duchy's wealth and modernisation! Today, Luxembourg is the headquarters for the global leader in steel ArcelorMittal, resulting from the merger between Arcelor and the Mittal Steel Company in 2006.

Fun fact:  Did you know that 12,000 tonnes of Luxembourgish steel are found in the form of beams in the new World Trade Center in New York? ​

A prosperous industry

Looking at today's industrial sector, it is obvious that Luxembourg's industrial production is flourishing. In the wake of the era of the steel industry, Luxembourg set up a positive economic policy for the development of new activities. Its liberal, flexible and innovative legal framework has attracted a large number of key international players. The establishment of companies such as Guardian Class, Dupontand Euro-Composites in Luxembourg confirms that the Grand Duchy imposes itself as a reference standard for the materials industry. 

Would you like to develop a business in Luxembourg?

Through clusters of Luxinnovation - Luxembourg's national innovation agency - the Grand Duchy offers an extensive support network to key players. These initiatives have been developed with the aim of facilitating the creation of synergies and added value in the industrial ecosystem. The outcome is new partnerships through national and international RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) projects.

A strong emphasis is placed on the development of additive manufacturing, the 4.0 industry and robotics. Through the Automobility and Materials & Manufacturing  Clusters, Luxembourg's industry is making great strides in its efforts towards innovation and the development of new technologies!

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