Bretzelsonndeg - a pretzel for love

On Bretzelsonndeg, or Pretzel Sunday, women are given this famous puff pastry with sugar icing and almonds as a token of love. If the feelings are mutual, their loved one will be given an egg at Easter. Otherwise the man will receive an empty basket, the origin of the expression "De Kuerf kréien": being dumped. In leap years, the tradition is reversed.

A gourmet "I love you"

Bretzelsonndeg is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent and marks the end of the first half of this period of religious observance. Save the date, because if you forget it, it could have a negative impact on your love life! This is why men, above all, rush to the pastry shops and bakeries in Luxembourg on this particular Sunday morning to offer a sweet pretzel to their loved one.

In fact, on Bretzelsonndegthe man traditionally offers one of the fine pastries as a token of his feelings. If the feeling is mutual, he will receive an egg in return on Easter Sunday. Previously, the man would receive a hen's egg, however chocolate eggs, sometimes filled with pralines from Luxembourg's master confectioners, have become more popular in recent times. If not, he is given an empty basket, hence the Luxembourg expression "De Kuerf kréien", which translates as "receiving a basket" and means that one has been dumped.

But be aware of the exception to this rule: in leap years, the tradition is reversed and the woman offers the pretzel!

Pretzels are a Luxembourg specialty, made of puff pastry covered with fondant icing and almonds, representing two lovers arm in arm. Although pretzels were originally savoury (salted), the sweet version is more common nowadays.

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