Meekranz and Labour Day 1st May: spring and trade unions at the forefront

In order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the events announced on this page have been cancelled or postponed.

1st May is the day of gatherings. Trade union celebrations, barbecues among friends or families and cultural festivals - Luxembourg has a lot in store on that day. But it is first and foremost the  Meekranz or May wreath tradition that we would like to present here.

Wreaths of leaves to welcome springtime

On 1st  May, in towns and villages throughout the Grand Duchy, wreaths of grass-green foliage are in evidence here and there. They are made by local associations or individuals to decorate private homes, local administration buildings or meeting places.

While we used to create proper May trees in the olden days, many Luxembourgers now settle for weaving their Meekranz with young branches from the forest.

As the weather is usually nice, many Luxembourgers meet up during the day. Whether you get an invitation to a barbecue among friends or to one of the many festivities, make the most of the good weather and the relaxed atmosphere!

© Alain Schleich

The Maitrank is a very popular drink on that day. Made with sweet woodruff, it is a refreshing drink that is especially famous in the West of Luxembourg and in the surroundings of Arlon in Belgium.

Events of trade unions

As it is Labour Day, 1st May also has an international significance. In Luxembourg, the free trade unions' fight for social rights is touched upon, including the regulation of working hours, paid leave and employees' social protection.

On that day, the various trade unions reiterate their current demands. The day also gives rise to trade union festivities across the country. These events often recall popular festivals.

The Day of Labour and Cultures at the Neumunster Abbey Cultural Exchange Centre (Centre culturel de rencontre) is an event not to be missed. This festival features concerts, workshops for children and shows. It is organised by the trade union known as OGB-L in collaboration with the associations ASTI and ASTM. The public event of the LCGB, another large-scale trade union in Luxembourg, takes place at a different location every year.

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