Financial aids for students: everything about grants and scholarships

As a student, how to finance your studies is something you have to think about at all stages of your academic journey. The challenge of paying tuition fees and accommodation costs can be particularly daunting. In this article, you will find out more about the different forms of financial aid available to help you overcome these hurdles and start the semester worry-free.

State financial aid for students

The Ministry of Research and Higher Education offers state financial aid (AideFi) for students. Students can apply for AideFi online via the MyGuichet portal once per semester before the corresponding deadlines. The AideFi support package consists of four parts and allows students to apply for both a grant and a loan, depending on their needs. With these tools, you can find out whether you are eligible for AideFi and how much you might be entitled to.

Important: International students should apply for educational funding in their home country first. The outcome of this application will determine whether they can apply for AideFi.

The composition of the AideFi.

Financial support from the University

For University of Luxembourg students, various forms of financial support are available from the University itself. These include both general and faculty-specific scholarships for outstanding students. There is also a student hardship fund to help students who are experiencing financial difficulties.


Through the European Union's Erasmus+ programme, University of Luxembourg students have the opportunity to participate in a study or internship programme in Europe or other countries for up to 12 months. If you have any questions about Erasmus+ and the partner universities, please ask your university directly.

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Research grants and mobility support

Financial support is also available for researchers. The AFR programme (Aides à la Formation Recherche) of the National Research Fund (FNR) supports researchers wanting to pursue a PhD in Luxembourg or abroad. In addition, the AFR bilateral programme provides funding for research training of doctoral and postdoctoral candidates in Luxembourg and partner countries.

Furthermore, mobility scholarships are available for researchers who work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or conduct research abroad:

  • The Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) award grants to researchers at all stages of their careers in order to promote international and inter-sectoral mobility.
  • The INTER mobility programme of the FNR supports scientific exchange between research groups in Luxembourg and international experts in both directions.

Private grants

In addition, private grants are available for students from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, depending on the chosen study subject and the student's academic performance:

Other support measures

Financial support is also available from local authorities for students residing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. For more information, please contact your local municipality.