Top 5: extraordinary activities in Luxembourg Lesser-known cultural trips in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Would you like to explore a part of Luxembourg that you have not yet discovered? Are you interested in unique cultural trips and treasures? If you fancy visiting some of the less touristy and less crowded areas of Luxembourg, check out these recommendations. Here is our selection of five unusual places or activities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Ride the UNESCO trail

If you are passionate about history and want to take advantage of the fresh air, then the UNESCO e-bike tour perfect for you! Combine a relaxing bike ride with a sight-seeing tour of the history of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

This short guided tour (which lasts about three hours) allows you to explore world heritage in the valley of the Petrusse, also known as the 'lower town' of Clausen and Pfaffenthal. On this cultural tour, you can stop and explore the 80 different sites, monuments and attractions.

UNESCO has created this 9.5km state-of-the-art electric bike tour to preserve, protect and showcase world heritage.

While you pedal, you can listen to interesting stories and facts about the sites via the app (your audio guide). This app is available in five languages (L, FR, DE, GB, NL).

An on-board computer is placed on the handlebars of the bicycle and is your tour guide! There's also a holder to attach your smartphone to the bike.


A visit to the Syndicat des Eaux du Sud

Are you looking for something unusual to do with your family or friends this summer? Look no further! The Syndicat des Eaux du Sud (SES)  is the ideal destination if you’re looking for a good time and want to learn about one of the country's drinking water networks in a fun way.

Enjoy a guided tour of the site. You can also visit the interactive exhibition on the history of the SES, which explains the water cycles and the problem of virtual water. One part of the exhibition focuses on the impact of drinking water on the quality of human life, global conflicts and the environment.

Also, you can enjoy a wide range of activities, such as a visiting a spring, touring the SES facilities and exploring the Rebierg reservoirs. The tour is divided into three parts and takes three hours.

At present, 22 member municipalities are part of the syndicate. The total length of the SES network is 213 km.


Delve into the Roman heritage of the Moselle

If you are a keen admirer of the vestiges of ancient civilisations, then don’t miss the Roman heritage of the Moselle!

Luxembourg is dotted with Gallo-Roman sites and there was a major Roman presence in Moselle region, to which numerous architectural ruins bear witness.

There are several Gallo-Roman archaeological sites (in Dalheim, Grevenmacher and Lellig), where you can uncover all kinds of evidence of the country's Roman legacy: the Vicus Ricciacum amphitheatre with a maximum capacity of 3,500 seats is one of the best preserved in this region. Other treasures also remain such as Roman statues, Roman funerary monuments and several other signs of the heritage of our predecessors.

In the Musel region, you have the option to explore many historical routes on foot, by bike or car. These routes traverse numerous archaeological sites, such as the Roman Road, which begins in Dalheim, or the Roman Trail, during which you can stop along the way to savour traditional Roman cuisine.

You can follow in the footsteps of the Romans as you wander through the beautiful vineyards.

And for lovers of fine wines – another Roman legacy –, the Viamosel initiative gives visitors the opportunity to explore the most exquisite examples of winemaking in this cross-border region.

© Visit Moselle Luxembourg

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A visit to the Slate Museum

Are you looking for an original and instructive experience? The Slate Museum welcomes you with open arms! A visit to the Slate Museum in Haut-Martelange is like a journey back in time. You'll learn all about the slate industry in the Greater Region in the 20th century. Also, a tour of the museum is guaranteed to foster your creativity!

The museum is located on an eight-hectare site and includes mines and other buildings. It offers lots of interesting activities, such as an industrial train ride, a visit to the underground gallery, tasting a typical meal of a slate worker as well as different types of guided tours (organised by themes) and creative workshops to suit all ages (engraving, airbrushing, holidays, etc.).

During your visit, you will learn all about the slate industry, starting with its extraction through to the finished product and its transport. For your descent into the mine don't forget to bring a jacket and sturdy shoes, even in summer. This industrial site, which has been gradually transformed into the Slate Museum, also includes the railway network. Discover the world of the Martelange slate quarries on a tour of the "Johanna" underground gallery and descend to a depth of -42m.

© Musée de l'ardoise

NeiSchmelz in Dudelange

Would you like to explore a part of Luxembourg's iron and steel history? In which case, we recommend the city of Dudelange, it's truly amazing! The NeiSchmelz project, a highly innovative undertaking from an architectural perspective, is being carried out by the Fonds du logement (Housing Fund) on the former site of Arcelor's Laminoir Dudelange S.A. and involves an interesting cultural approach. One of the main objectives of the project is to conserve the national cultural heritage.

This former industrial site is constantly changing. Let yourself be drawn into an artistic and architectural world and become actively involved in this process. For example, DKollage is a collective and participatory project aimed at renovating the old building, changing rooms and wagon workshop (VeWa).

Another example of conservation that showcases the cultural heritage in Dudelange is the water tower, which houses the Waassertuerm and the Pomhouse. These two architecturally outstanding structures host a wide range of contemporary photography exhibitions.

The Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange Opderschmelz and the Centre National de l'Audiovisuel (CNA) are located close by and house a music school, a cinema, a restaurant and a concert hall.

In the surrounding area, you can also visit a rather unique lodge. It floats right in the middle of the cooling pond of the former steelworks in Dudelange and is situated on the Minett Trail.

© Ville de Dudelange