Going out in the evening In the Grand Duchy, no two nights out are ever the same

Nightlife in Luxembourg City and elsewhere in the country has developed significantly in recent years. These days, there is something for everyone, all year round.

Treat your taste buds with Luxembourg gastronomy! Restaurants offering excellent cuisine for food lovers on any budget can be found throughout the country and in the most beautiful of settings.

Whether it is for after the restaurant, after-work or the aperitif, cafés, bars, terraces and clubs await you. Trendy bars, luxurious lounges, authentic local cafés, green terraces, rock venues and nightclubs with notorious DJs: what are you keen on?

Nightlife for party people

Luxembourg's nightlife is rife, especially in Luxembourg City. But don't be discouraged if you are outside the city, you can find bars and clubs where you can enjoy a drink, chat with friends or listen to music all over the country.

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Luxembourg City: celebrating at the foot of the fortifications or under the grand ducal palace's lights

In the Grund and Clausen districts, the cobblestoned streets of the capital are home to many cafés, restaurants and bars, especially Irish and English pubs.

In the Grund, you could drop by the Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Centre (neimënster) for one of its many events: plays, concerts, exhibitions, festivals... This institution benefits from a spectacular setting of the Bockfiels and is located on an itinerary listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Rives de Clausen, former site of the Mousel-brewery converted partially to a recreational spot, is a magnet for partygoers who like to revel in the modern and hip bars located at the foot of the city's ancient fortifications. You'll find the Melusina a stone's throw away, a club that has played a major role in Luxembourg's nightlife for over 30 years. The events it hosts are popular with international clubbers and they are rich in cocktails, great DJs and people from all over the world.

The Old Town area is a meeting place for young people and well-connected people. This quarter is a must if you like to go out in Luxembourg City! Located between the grand ducal palace, Clausen hill and the Corniche, it offers all you could wish for: restaurants, cafés, bars, concerts and a stunning historical setting. And you can enjoy all of it until 3 a.m.!

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Going out elsewhere – good ideas outside the capital

Belval in Esch-sur-Alzette is not only home to the Rockhal, Luxembourg's temple of contemporary electronic music, but also to the University of Luxembourg. The area around it has become the leisure area and the place to go out for a large number of students and residents. This cultural melting pot offers cinema, restaurants, cafés, concerts, exhibitions and other activities all year round.

The municipality of Mersch lies almost at the very centre of the country. Mersch has become a nightlife centre too with the opening of new restaurants and bars in recent years. The Mierscher Kulturhaus offers all sorts of performances and evening events.

In summer especially, the terraces of the main square and the old town of Diekirch invite you to take a seat and enjoy a pleasant moment with a drink while soaking up the sun or with dinner under a star-lit sky. The popular festival known as 'Al Dikkrich' is famous all over the country and does not only attract local residents! Over a period of five days around the 2nd weekend of July, young and old alike celebrate in the Donkey City.

In towns and villages along the Sûre and the Luxembourgish Moselle, many restaurants and cafés are open and give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy this beautiful region. But the people of the Moselle region like to party as well: for example, a wide range of wine festivals take place in Grevenmacher, Wormeldange and Wellenstein from spring to autumn. Grab this opportunity to delight in local produce and mingle with the Moselle locals!

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