Geocaching Discover Luxembourg’s treasures

Geocaching – the most popular treasure hunt in the world has also taken Luxembourg by storm. More than 4,000 caches in the country are waiting to be discovered. But not only that. Luxembourg’s caches take you to some of the most beautiful places in the country, away from the well-known tourist destinations, and allow you to experience the beauty and diversity of the country. Luxembourg’s very lively geocaching scene can help you orientate yourself in Luxembourg. You can make contact via the group’s Facebook page, Geocaching Lëtzebuerg. 

Unique impressions

In this day and age of smartphones, gaming consoles and online games, geocaching is almost seen as an alternative to the digital world, with people roaming discovering unknown terrain in search of cleverly camouflaged hiding places (caches), looking for clues, or solving puzzles to find the caches. It’s less about competition with other cachers and more about the personal sense of achievement that comes with finding a hiding spot.

Luxembourg’s caches not only attract people with their interesting and beautifully made finals, but also with their density. You can find around 4,100 caches for Luxembourg on the popular platform.

Among them are some real treasures, as Yves Jadin, one of the administrators of the Facebook group Geocaching Lëtzebuerg tells us, including a jukebox final, where you have to assign songs to different artists.

Yves Jadin reveals that there are several regions to visit, and the capital city is definitely one of them. A multi-cache leads you through several stations of the former fortifications to places that are normally not listed in tourist guides, and offer wonderful views of the city.

The virtual caches, where you don’t sign a paper log, but where you have to answer questions or take photos, for example, are also very popular and lead one to extraordinary places. The panorama elevator from Pfaffenthal to the upper town is especially worth a visit.

The Grund district in a foggy morning. A number of Geocaches are located here.
© SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

The Luxembourg City Touristicache (GC1JENX) guides you through the history and present day life of the city of Luxembourg. Unique impressions and views await you here – and this is just one of many caches that allow you to discover the capital.

© City of Esch

In the Minett area in the  south of the country, geocaches are quite common and offer surprising discoveries. Whether you are an Urban Cacher or like to be in nature, everybody finds caches to their taste in this region.

Outside the city, to the north of the country, the Eislek region is very popular, especially the area around the Obersauer lake. The cities of Ettelbrück and Echternach also offer impressive geocaching options, as well as beautiful landscapes and buildings – a perfect opportunity to combine activities with sightseeing.

'You move around, you don’t need guides, and you get to places that the locals know, but where tourists don’t usually go,' says Yves Jadin.

A lively scene

However, before visiting Luxembourg it is also worth having a look at the Geocaching Lëtzebuerg Facebook group. Since 2011, the group has been helping members when things go wrong. You can also find warnings about ticks or oak processionary caterpillars here. According to Yves Jadin, the good networking of the Luxembourg geocachers is very visible in this group. People know each other, help each other and meet regularly at events. The most important thing is to spend time together. Many families take part in these events and friendships develop.

'We have a lively scene,' says Yves Jadin, referring to the 1,800 members of the group. 'Events are important because if people are interested in geocaching, they get help there – it’s quicker than going via a website or Facebook.'