Gringgo: fair and ethical trade in Luxembourg This cooperative featuring online shopping highlights environmentally friendly, ethical and fair products and solutions made in Far West Luxembourg

'Don't wait, act!' This is the motto of Gringgo, a cooperative based in the canton of Redange. It offers consumers and suppliers the opportunity to advance towards fairtrade. This company founded in 2017 contributes to the development of an innovative and sustainable economic area set amidst the hills of Western Luxembourg. Its online shop,, not only offers products and services, but also Bekis, the canton's currency!

Products, services and a regional currency!

Over twenty partners of the Gringgo project offer their products and services in the online shop.

The range of products offered includes textiles, kitchen utensils, care and cosmetic products, cleaning products and foodstuffs, among others. ​

The website also features the provision of services. For instance, you will find suppliers of green electricity and CO2-compensated natural gas, builders of FSC/PEFC wooden houses and other sustainable materials, or redesigning antique furniture to create a real vintage atmosphere in your home.

The Beki is probably the most alternative one out of the products and services offered by Gringgo. It is the currency of the canton of Redange, managed by the association De Kär. The basic idea behind the Beki is to link purchasing power to the canton and to promote the regional economic circuit. In fact, if you buy some Bekis for purchase purposes, you encourage these businesses to re-use them to buy from other local businesses. 

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Zero waste advice and sustainable alternatives

The cooperative's website also offers advice for a more environmentally friendly daily life. Did you know, for instance, that beeswax fabric was an alternative to foil and cling film? In fact, in most households, these two single use products are frequently used and often instill a bad conscience.

The website not only offers organic beeswax fabrics in its shop, but also tips to create your own should you feel like experimenting and committing yourself wholeheartedly!

Gringgo's principle for suppliers: a guarantee for consumers

'More and more people think that we manage our economy badly. Environmental damage, the climate crisis, a growing gap between rich and poor, global exploitation, a middle class increasingly under pressure, etc. But these are not the only options! ​ Alternatives exist', insists Max Hilbert, a member of Gringgo's Board of Directors.

In the face of these challenges, Gringgo wants to act consciously and encourage producers and consumers to build a socially fair and sustainable economy. It is about strengthening regional circuits, broadening sustainable economic activity and enhancing social cohesion.

Suppliers wishing to appear on the platform must act in accordance with the principles of the Gringgo cooperative, which evaluates proposals based on a catalogue of ethical and sustainable development criteria:

  • Social commitment: access for people with reduced mobility or inclusion, for example.
  • Ecological and ethical offerings: a remarkable quantity of ecological, ethical or fair products.
  • Ecological business management: the use of green energy or sustainable mobility, among others.
  • Strengthening the region: partnership with regional players or establishment of a regional network, for example.
  • Be a member of the regional currency known as Beki.

Moreover, the company's registered office, sales outlet or branch office must be located in the LEADER region of Atert-Wark, i.e. the canton of Redange and the municipality of Mertzig.

Compliance with these principles is a guarantee for consumers who wish to change their consumption habits but can sometimes be lost among the many labels that the market offers. It is above all a local commitment that plays a major role here.

So, it's a great starting point for local consumption - something that's been on your mind for a while!

The Beki: the currency of the canton of Redange for the promotion of the regional economic circuit.
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Beeswax fabrics, an alternative to foil and cling film.
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