Health service Who should you contact for treatment in Luxembourg?

Do you need a doctor or are you looking for a helpful telephone number? Are you seeking dietary advice, information on drug prevention or guidance about a service for seniors? This page aims to provide you with all the useful information you'll need if you are looking for medical advice or have general questions about the health system. 

Emergency and on-call doctors, chemists and hospitals and medical centres

Emergency numbers

In Luxembourg, the following numbers are available 24/7 for emergencies:

  • 112: emergency service;
  • 113: police.

24/7 care: medical centres

For night or emergency care, patients can go to one of the three medical centres in Luxembourg City, Esch-Alzette and Ettelbruck.

They operate as GP surgeries and provide on-call medical care outside normal consulting hours:

  • during the evening and at night (from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.);
  • at the weekend and on public holidays (from 8 a.m. to 7.00 a.m. the following day).

You will find more information on the dedicated websites

Assistance and care at home

The Grand Duchy has an extensive network of home assistance and care. There are currently 13 home care networks in Luxembourg. They work seven days a week all year round. The cost of care and assistance at home is covered by the National Health Fund (CNS), through dependence insurance.

More information is available on the Luxsenior website! This website is mainly aimed at seniors and their family. It offers a wide range of information on active ageing and provides information on the various services that are available to elderly people living at home or in care facilities.

Persons with disabilities

There are many associations in the Grand Duchy striving to integrate and improve living conditions for persons with disabilities:

Find more information on the 'Disabilities' pages of the Health Portal!

Drugs and substance abuse

On the Health Portal, you can find more information on illicit substances and addictions, prevention, drug-related support services, key data, etc.

Food safety

The Luxembourg population is kept informed in the event of problems with foodstuffs via an early warning system, managed by the Government Commissioner for Quality, Fraud and Food Safety, All the information is available on the Food Safety Portal.

eHealth services

eHealth services facilitate the sharing and exchange of patient health data between the various professionals involved in their medical care. They facilitate the monitoring and coordination of care and allow you, as a patient, to play an active role in your medical care via a unique account, your 'eHealth account'. Here are the services you can currently benefit from:

  • The Shared Health Record (SHR) (Dossier de soins partagé, DSP) is your personal and secure electronic health record. As soon as it is activated, is gathers all your essential health data filed by the health professionals who care for you (lab results, medical imaging and related reports, patient summary, summary of services, information relating to your allergies or medical history, etc.) As a patient, you can also enter health information in the personal space of your SHR. Access to the SHR is reserved for the patient and healthcare professionals licensed in Luxembourg to whom you have granted access rights. In addition, you can track all access to your data;
  • The Electronic Vaccination Card (EVC), which is being gradually rolled out from 2022, replaces the current yellow card. There are numerous advantages: you can check your vaccines at any time, create vaccine reminder notifications and receive personalised vaccine recommendations;
  • MyHealth@EU is a service used to exchange health data within the EU via a secure network that allows:
    • a summary of a patient's medical record, containing key health information, to be shared with a doctor abroad;
    • medicine from a pharmacy to be collected in another European country via a digital prescription.

If you are registered with the health service in Luxembourg you can currently benefit from the exchange of the patient summary, by registering your consent in your SHR (Profile Configurator/Access Rights).