Student entrepreneurs Aspiring student entrepreneurs at the University of Luxembourg Incubator

Since 2017, the University of Luxembourg Incubator offers students of all fields and levels of studies a platform dedicated to the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills for the launch of start-ups. Twice a year, the 'Ideation Camp' transforms the University into a stronghold of the generation of ideas, which have already inspired the creation of young companies that are now established at the University.

Bridging student life and professional life

Aware of the need to prepare their students to the growing challenges of the labour market, the University of Luxembourg created an incubator for start-ups in 2017.

Unlike other existing spaces dedicated to the creation of companies in Luxembourg, that of the University of Luxembourg is open to all industrial sectors: FinTech, BioTech, Horeca or EduTech. Moreover, students of the institution can take part in the activities offered, regardless of their level of studies: Bachelor, Master or PhD.

Events are organised to inform and train participants on the assets needed to be successful in their professional life, but also to unlock imagination and foster entrepreneurial thinking. There is an extensive range of activities:

  • Workshops on how to present ideas convincingly, how to create a network, how to obtain funding or how to transform an idea or PhD research into a business. These workshops are highly practical and collaborative, which means that participants can improve their working skills as a team.
  • Inspirational talks and round tables with local and international intervening parties who exchange with participants and provide a realistic overall picture of business and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Networking to find a good job or the right partners to put forward entrepreneurial projects.

Once the start-up is established on the incubator, a set of services are also offered to support the young company in its first steps by providing: offices, administrative support, coaching with experienced entrepreneurs and visibility by using, among others, the media channels of the University of Luxembourg.

Ideation Camp: the star meeting of student entrepreneurs

Ideation Camp is organised twice a year. Registered students get into interdisciplinary and multinational teams, and work on innovative commercial ideas. For three days, they are supported by coaches of Luxembourg's entrepreneurial ecosystem and experts in different areas of the industry. On the last day, the ideas are presented to a versatile jury composed of members of the Rectorate, investors and entrepreneurs.

Given the success of the previous editions, Ideation Camp 6 has already been organised: it will take place from 23rd to 26th February 2020 on Belval Campus. Registered students will have the opportunity to learn how to work as a team and find the right partners, assess their ideas, come up with a financial model and, finally, to present their ideas to the jury.

Megeno and TechnOptiz, two young start-ups of the University

Some ideas that come from the incubator of the University are now real projects.

Megeno is a start-up that emerged from the first edition of Ideation Camp and is hosted today by the University of Luxembourg Incubator. This young company offers to turn genome data generated by European clinical and research institutions into a longlife asset for the individual through personalised disease prevention.

After her PhD at the University of Luxembourg, Dr. Khadidja Chaib Draa founded the start-up TechnOptiz, which also has its registered office on the incubator. She is currently working on renewable energy projects and vehicular networks and autonomous cars.