Located at the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes in a region that shares a border with Germany and Belgium, over a surface area of 420km2, Our Nature Reserve groups together eight municipalities (Clervaux, Kiischpelt, Parc Hosingen, Putscheid, Tandel, Troisvierges, Vianden, Wincrange) and has some 21,000 inhabitants.

Vast plateaus and narrow rocky valleys which the Our and Clerve rivers weave through characterise the region, which offers an impressive variety of landscapes over a confined space. The nature reserve offers extremely varied fauna and flora. Numerous species of endangered plants and birds have managed to find refuge in this protected area of the country.

The objective of the nature reserve is to preserve the unique landscapes around the Our, whilst facilitating the economic and sociocultural development of the region. Several farmers who open their doors to tourists and interested parties contribute to the survival of agriculture and the preservation of the landscape by directly selling their refined poppy seed or cheese products.

But the region along the Our is also an ideal holiday destination for fans of hiking, nature and culture. In Vianden, the imposing walls of the well-preserved medieval castle tower above the valley. But it's not only fans of castles who come here at their own expense. Numerous chapels, churches, windmills and museums also attract visitors. The prestigious photography exhibition The Family of Man at Clervaux Castle, the Jardins à suivre … garden festival, Victor Hugo's house in Vianden and the mining museum in Stolzembourg are just a few examples.

A paradise for hikers

Our Nature Reserve offers numerous possibilities to hikers and fans of road biking and mountain biking. As well as the many hiking trails listed at the local tourist offices, many thematic trails invite hikers to discover the unique fauna and flora (WebWalking, Via Botanica, Cornelysmillen Nature Trail, Nat'Our itineraries, etc.) in the area. du territoire.

Along the Sûre and the Our, the NaturWanderPark delux offers 23 hiking trails over a total length of 400km. Varied itineraries lead hikers across the unique landscapes of the Our and Mullerthal Nature Reserves, as well as the South Eifel and North Eifel in Germany.

On the Belgian border side, hikers can cross the north of the country as well as the Belgian Ardennes on the Escapardenne Lee Trail and the Eislek Trail. This hiking trail with a total length of 159km was awarded the European label Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe, and connects the town of Ettelbruck to the Belgian town of La Roche-en-Ardenne. The paths are of unequalled quality, the route is marked and accommodation awaits hikers at each stage.

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