LUGA 2023 - Luxembourg’s first big garden show From May to October 2023 the first big national garden show is taking place in Luxembourg

For six months, from May to October 2023, the capital city will be transformed into an urban garden! The national garden show, which will take place largely within the City of Luxembourg, presents Luxembourg’s natural treasures in all their colours and facets.

There is much more awaiting visitors than just a simple flower show. Current topics and Luxembourg's nature expertise will be presented in exhibitions, educational workshops and guided tours:

  • forestry and agricultural products,
  • viticulture techniques,
  • green career opportunities,
  • urban gardening,
  • green roofs and house façades,
  • seasonal and regional food,
  • pesticide-free agriculture
  • and the principles of the circular economy.

Four locations, four topics

The main venue of the LUGA 2023 is the City of Luxembourg. In four central locations of this historic European capital, which will be redesigned specifically for the garden show, visitors will be able to discover the variety and significance of the city’s green spaces and plant life. Each part of the City will cover a specific topic.

Nature at its best in the Petrusse Valley

The Petrusse Valley runs through the centre of the capital with its trails, gardens and green spaces. By 2023, this tranquil haven will be re-naturalized, providing a natural backdrop for the garden show and will focus on the topics of watercourses, springs, trees, rock faces, bats and ecological parks and gardens. 

Nature and society in the Municipal Park and Park Pescatore

Today, the Municipal Park and the Park Pescatore are bustling meeting places where generations and cultures mix. Thus, they are the ideal location to cover the topic of 'nature and society.' Young and old can take part together and cultivate the Expo Gardens as their own 'XXL classroom'. Here wisdom and experience meet vigour and enthusiasm!

Nature and culture in the Alzette Valley

The quarters Grund, Clausen and Pfaffenthal sit along the Alzette and already display the city’s historical and cultural heritage in a picturesque setting. Together they will cover the topic 'nature and culture'. The historic architecture of the Alzette Valley, such as the famous Casemates, the Aqua Tunnel and the Mansfeld Castle, will be celebrated using flowers and plants, in harmony with the existing parks, orchards and vineyards. And to round it all out, there will be topical concerts and events.

Nature and urban development on the Kirchberg

The ever-modern Kirchberg Plateau, home to international companies and European institutions, is the perfect place to demonstrate alternative forms of horticulture and agriculture. Green areas will enrich the concrete landscape here and show that modern infrastructure, architecture and nature can harmoniously coexist. For example, plants with low water requirements, vertical planters or green roof areas offer the opportunity to use urban quarters for plant cultivation. Thus, Kirchberg will become the green city of the future.

Be part of the LUGA!

In order to guarantee the success of the first national garden show, the organisers are particularly focused on the participation of local associations in the project preparation. Prospective promoters, sponsors, patrons and experts were invited to actively participate in the development and conception of the exhibition. Around 100 interested groups, professional associations, tourism branch stakeholders, cultural organisations and state institutions took part in the first creative workshop in November 2019. Here, all participants were invited to express their ideas and wishes, and thus actively participate in the concept of the upcoming garden show.

If you too have ideas and concrete projects of your own for the first national garden show, you can submit them to the organisers using a form on the specially created website. While the garden show takes place mainly in the four central locations of the capital, projects in other regions of the country are also to be included in the LUGA offsite program. 

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