Luci, travel stories from Luxembourg The new magazine invites you on an imaginary trip to Luxembourg

'Dream of travels and encounters to come': that's the premise of the new tourist magazine called Luci. This initiative that was launched in April 2019 by the Visit Luxembourg portal gives you the opportunity to nourish your spirits while respecting the phases easing off the lockdown. It allows you to prepare your future getaways in complete safety by drawing your inspiration from the stories of those who live in and love Luxembourg.

The first issue of the magazine invites you to rediscover Luxembourg at very different levels: the traces of steel in the history of the Grand Duchy, the Valley of the Seven Castles as part of a road trip, the new generations of winegrowers or the wonder of nature on breathtaking hikes... ​

'Luci brings you numerous stories about people, ideas and places. Luci is like the country itself: cosmopolitan, varied, tolerant - and offering a thousand and one ways to stir your emotions'. Dr. Sebastian Reddeker. CEO of Luxembourg for Tourism.

Stories and personal experiences

The magazine highlights personal experiences as well as the emotions felt by the main character of the stories. From this viewpoint, Luxembourg is no longer a mere destination where you can visit the treasures of its rich heritage, but a small yet big country to experience with passion. In fact, this feeling is the backdrop on which the tales of Luxembourgish travels presented by Luci are depicted.

The first issue of the magazine offers you to complete the Escapardenne Lee Trail with three friends who love hiking and outdoor activities. Follow the white wave on a blue background, the beacon of this 52km walking trail in the Luxembourg Ardennes.

Are you a wine lover? So let's go and discover the new generation of winemakers from the Luxembourg Moselle. Nicolas and Mathieu Schmit, who manage the Maison Viticole Schmit-Fohl, and Corinne Kox, who returned to the Kox family estate - a pioneer in the production of crémant (sparkling wine) - after studying biology, are some of the people to be discovered... along with their wines!

And did you know that Luxembourg steel was exported all over the world as early as the mid-19th century and can still be found today in the world's largest skyscraper in Dubai? ​ This is another story you'll find out about through the report on the Minett Tour offered by the first issue of Luci #1.

The Lee Trail Escapade, one of Luci's #1 proposals.
© Luxembourg for Tourism / Visit Luxembourg
Minett Tour: an invitation to retrace the history of Luxembourg steel.
© Luxembourg for Tourism / Visit Luxembourg

Seek and find travel inspiration

So here's a magazine to find inspiration before planning a visit or to enjoy an imaginary getaway from your couch or garden.

And a lot more! It is also a way to share your life experiences. Because if we love meeting those who live in and love Luxembourg, while sharing their passions... why not do the same and thereby play a part in the construction of Luxembourg's imaginary? The magazine offers the hashtag #LuciTravel on Instagram, which allows you to distribute your photos to inspire other travellers to discover your favourites. 

Luci: seeking inspiration and sharing experiences.
© Luxembourg for Tourism / Visit Luxembourg
Luci: discover the secrets of Luxembourg with their protagonists.
© Luxembourg for Tourism / Visit Luxembourg

Electronic and paper versions

It is available online or as a magazine print to leaf through, and you can also order the paper edition of the Luci #1 in four languages for free: French, German, English and Luxembourgish. Up to 114 pages of stories of places, people and travel ideas await you!

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