The ambassadors of Luxembourgish wines and crémants Bars and restaurants displaying the labels 'Ambassadeur' and 'De Gudde Patt' offer a wide range of Luxembourgish wines

In recent years, many bars and restaurants have been showcasing Luxembourg's wine heritage. Places displaying the labels 'Ambassadeur' or 'De Gudde Patt' showcase Luxembourg's vintage wines ('crus') and ensure wine lovers a wide choice and perfect service.

Two labels under a single philosophy

Luxembourg's wines and crémants from noble grape varieties are internationally renowned and yet they have often been side-lined in Luxembourg's world of bars and restaurants. With the trademarks 'Ambassadeur' and 'De Gudde Patt', the State Institute for Enology and Viticulture ('Institut viti-vinicole') supports the efforts of already committed restaurateurs and encourages other actors of the sector.

What will you find on the offer in the labelled establishments?

Bars and restaurants with the labels always have Luxembourgish wines and crémants at the top of their wine list. Impossible to miss! The more or less extensive offer is what makes the biggest difference. 'Ambassadeurs' offer at least 20 wines from Luxembourg, including 6 that can be served by the glass; and at least 5 types of crémants, including 2 served by the glass. Places with the label 'De Gudde Patt' have a wine list featuring at least 5 Luxembourgish wines, including 3 by the glass, and 1 crémant. In both cases, you'll get information on the grape varieties, the vintage, the named vineyard ('lieu-dit') and the estate.

That is why restaurants generally have the trademark 'Ambassadeurs' and wine bars 'De Gudde Patt'. The same philosophy applies to both cases: pride of one's heritage.

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How can I spot a labelled bar or restaurant?

Participants in this initiative can easily be spotted: you can find an 'Ambassadeur' or 'De Gudde Patt' sticker outside such bars and restaurants.

You can also take a look at guides listing labelled restaurateurs or the websites of the regional tourist offices, such as that of the Luxembourg Moselle region.

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Why are you ambassadors?

We have asked this question to two restaurateurs showing their pride of Luxembourg's wines heritage. Come join us to find out about their approach!

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Restaurant Bistro Quai in Grevenmacher. Marc Fusenig, managing director.

'For the Bistro Quai, taking part in the 'Ambassador of Luxembourgish wines and crémants' was self-evident because we only serve sparkling wines, crémants and white wines from Luxembourg's Moselle region. The only foreign wines we serve are reds.'

Restaurant Le Bistrot Gourmand in Remerschen. Nicolas Donati, manager.

'We are very honoured to have been chosen as ambassadors of Moselle wines and crémants. Since this distinction, we have noticed a clear increase in our customers' interest in our wines, particularly by the glass, in a spirit of discovery of these Moselle delights... And it is as enthusiasts that we delight in informing them, advising them, guiding them through the many riches of these vineyards to offer them the best experience with moderation of course, both in terms of consumption and budget...'

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