The Virtual Reality experience that takes you to Dubai Embark on a virtual visit to Luxembourg's pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Luxembourg's pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai is creating quite a buzz for its design. And did we mention that it features a slide? Who would want to miss that? Luxembourg's Ministry of Digitalisation launched a VR pavilion and app that allow you to visit the country's pavilion from afar. The VR pavilion is touring Luxembourg from 10 November 2021 to 31 March 2022. Find out when it is going to be near you, put on the VR headset and fly to Dubai in an instant.

No ticket needed

Yes, nothing is going to top actually travelling to Dubai, but many of us will not be able to make that trip. That is why the Ministry of Digitalisation prepared a digital surprise: a virtual reality roadshow that lets you experience Luxembourg's pavilion, as if you were there. The actual VR booth emulates an oriental tent, in which comfortable chairs welcome visitors for their immersive experience.

Through a headset with a stereoscopic 3D display system in front of the eyes and sensors that detect head movements, you will be able to look around and explore your surroundings.

The VR roadshow is putting up its tent in 11 places all over Luxembourg until March 2022. This initiative guarantees access to all citizens who wish to live the unique experience of visiting the Luxembourg Pavilion in Dubai in Luxembourg without having to leave the country.

The 15-minute immersive experience is of course free of charge.

Download to visit

The video that was created especially for the VR pavilion has also been adapted into an app. Use your smartphone or tablet to explore the pavilion from home (available on Android and iOS).

The VR Roadshow setup.

Where to experience the VR visit?

La Belle Étoile

26-28 novembre 2021

Knauf Shopping Center Pommerloch

3-5 décembre 2021

Belval Plaza Shopping Center

10-11 décembre 2021

Kirchberg Shopping Center

14-15 janvier 2022

Copal Grevenmacher

28-29 janvier 2022

Topaze Shopping Center

25-26 février 2022

City Concorde

4-5 mars 2022

Galerie Simoncini

24-31 mars 2022

Luxembourg's pavilion explained

What will you be able to experience? Luxembourg's pavilion is in the shape of a Möbius strip, a band that weaves around itself and is a symbol for infinity and circularity. The shape of the building embodies the efforts that the country is undertaking to make circular economy the norm, rather than the exception. In order to achieve this, a number of initiatives take advantage of Luxembourg's resourcefulness and its readiness to reinvent itself, in order to create solutions to upcoming challenges in the imminent future. As such, the Pavilion's theme of 'Resourceful Luxembourg' can be understood as a commitment to administer our resources in a way that contributes to a better world for all of us.

The building itself was designed by Luxembourgish architects at Metaform. The building is 50 metres wide and 21 metres high, with an interior structure from steel and its exterior coated in easily recyclable materials.

5 segments – diverse, connecting, sustainable, enterprising and beautiful – make up the interior, leading you through the different areas of the pavilion. As a visitor, you will start your journey on a long ramp, winding up into the pavilion, on which you will be able to hear testimonials from Luxembourg, witness the country's drive to build bridges and learn about our initiatives in sustainability. A large video area then gives you a tour through Luxembourg's history and takes you to the pavilion's interior, which gives you an impression of the lush Mullerthal region.

Building digital bridges

Through the VR project, the Ministry of Digitalisation aims to tear down barriers and create bridges between the two countries. Indeed, ease of access and connecting people from all backgrounds is one of its priorities, as exhibited by many of its initiatives, e.g.:

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