The cultural programme at Expo 2020 Dubai An artistic project developed by a collective of eight artists

The "Kënschtlerkollektiv" will occupy the Luxembourg pavilion from 15 to 31 January 2022 with its exhibition "Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir ginn". Visitors can experience six artistic, trans-disciplinary and collaborative creations that reflect the universal theme of the expo "Connecting minds, creating the future". In this article, you can already learn about all the artists and discover the different works of art!

Collaborative and interactive projects

A committee, composed of professionals from the culture sector and responsible for the cultural side of the pavilion, selected eight artists from seven artistic fields in 2017. The choice was made on the basis of artistic excellence, the artist's track record in completing multidisciplinary projects and their openness to participate in this unique adventure and environment of Expo 2020 Dubai. The idea was to connect minds in order to promote the creation of collective and interdisciplinary works that reflect the richness and diversity of modern art in Luxembourg. 

Bring creative minds together

The two curators, Bernard Baumgarten, artistic director of the Trois C-L - Centre de Création Choréographique Luxembourgeois and Kevin Muhlen, director of the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain, wanted to create an environment to foster collaboration and interaction, where artists would find inspiration and question each other in order to create the "Zeitgeist" of contemporary creation. It proved to be a major challenge because the concept was closely linked to the requirement to develop personal creations while garnering a universal spirit. Moreover, the curators hope to nurture a lasting cooperation between the artists after the Dubai expo.

The artist collective consists of the following members:

Representing Luxembourg, society as a whole and the world

The six projects on show capture the essence of Luxembourg residents, society and the world of today. They explore a possible future by drawing on the past. 

Detail of the book cover
© Guy Helminger
  • In "Anthologie", Guy Helminger has gathered 42 poems written by 21 popular Luxembourg poets and translated into English and Arab. This publication presents a selection of Luxembourg literature to an international audience. Julie Conrad collaborated on the layout, including the photographic prints from Luxembourg to Dubai by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron. Literary events will take place at the pavilion and the book is available for sale at Expo 2020 Dubai. 
  • Julie Conrad and Patrick Muller will call upon visitors to take part in an interactive installation. "Artefacts" is inspired by various works and exhibits, and "Péckvillercher", the traditional Luxembourg handmade clay bird whistles. However, for this artwork, the pottery has been replaced by a wide range of objects created using 3D printing. This ensemble of bodies reacts to interaction from the audience and forms a unique melody
© Julie Conrad Design Studio
  • "How To Host A Ghost”, by Simone Mousset and Renelde Pierlot, is a multi-faceted project that reflects upon ghosts in our society: it captures the notion of invisibility, silence, emptiness and the sense of absence. The first part, a sculpture or an outfit, is born out of the collaboration of five international artists residing along the road between Luxembourg and Dubai. The second part consists of a nocturnal residency in the pavilion of other artists located on the road between the Grand Duchy and the United Arab Emirates. During the evening, dance, performances, readings and sounds will resonate across the pavilion. 
Sophie Mousset
© Sven Becker
Renelde Pierlot
© Sofie Knijff
© Patrick Muller
  • The installation "Gestalten" is an audiovisual work by Patrick Muller and Guy Helminger. It consists of three sculptures in the form of a cube. The walls of the three objects are partially transparent and reveal the shape of a human iris inside. Each element tells a story. Visitors are invited to listen. Who are these characters and what is their biography? The auditory part consists of a selection of poems from the book "Anthologie", read and recorded by the respective authors. The musicians of the United Instruments of Lucilin have reinterpreted these recordings. 
  • In a film which blends documentary and fiction, Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron, re-imagine the life of Rob Ruijs, the grandson of Richard Hellmann (a German-born bookseller and Jew who moved with his family to Luxembourg to escape the persecution of Jews during the Third Reich) and of the internment camp for Jews at Cinqfontaines during the Second World War. The film shines a light on the recurring story of migration, ethnic minorities and refugees. Patrick Muller and Adolf El-Assal took part in "Spectrum Cinqfontaines", which questions how our past is documented and our collective memory. 
Film still
© Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron
Adolf El Assal
© Marion Dessard
  • In the short film "Full Memory", Adolf El Assal tells the story of Ziad, a young Syrian migrant who fled his country ten years ago during the war. He now leads a normal life in Europe but is forced to come to terms with a dark chapter in his past when his brother pays him a visit...