Vëlosummer 2021: get back in the saddle With its network of 950km of trails, Luxembourg is a must-see destination for cycling tourism

To announce it at once: there will indeed be a Vëlosummer 2021. In view of the great success of the 2020 edition, those in charge have decided to repeat the event next year. They have even already announced the dates for the 2021 edition. It will take place from Saturday 31st July to Sunday 29th August.

The Vëlosummer 2021 will thus continue to promote the Grand Duchy as a destination for cycling tourism. Around 40,000 cyclists took part in the 2020 edition. They travelled the country on six routes. In their pocket, they had a road map which detailed the route they had to take. The map is especially handy because it also shows cyclists the nearby hotels and restaurants and points of tourist interest. 

Also in the virtual world, the event was a great success. The website www.velosummer.lu, which brought together all the practical information as well as a description of the six Vëlosummer routes, was clicked on 100,000 times and the social media reached around 67,000 people. 

A cycling country

This success owes nothing to chance. The Luxemburgish riders are passionate about cycling. Since always, the Grand Duchy has managed to bring out champions, who have shone on the podiums of big races like the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia.

And today Luxembourg has high-quality cycling infrastructure, a network of 950km of tracks, sections reserved for two-wheelers and a connection to the network of European cycle routes EuroVelo. In short, the measures taken to develop the use of bicycles demonstrate the Grand Duchy's desire to encourage soft mobility. Not only with a view to reducing pollutant emissions or relieving traffic congestion in the capital, but also with the aim of making the bicycle a means of transport in its own right. One of the measures to encourage residents to cycle is the bicycle bonus. 

Travel by bike in the Grand Duchy and opt for a change of scenery.
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Luxembourg is spoiled with 23 tracks or 950km of cycle routes to discover.
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Clever fueren: bonuses of up to 600 euros for your new bike

Since June, the Clever Fueren programme of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan has been expanded to include new incentives for bicycles, including children's bicycles. These incentives are for conventional bicycles, i.e. without pedal assistance, or for pedelec25, cycles with pedal assistance up to 25km/h. Natural persons residing in Luxembourg who purchase bicycles between 11th May 2020 and 31st March 2021 are eligible for the bonus. The amount of the bonus covers 50% of the cost of the bicycle, excluding VAT, but cannot exceed 600 euros.

The application form and full details are available on the website www.cleverfueren.lu.

Move, we carry: cycling tourism made even easier

The Vëlosummer 2020 report also shows the success of the Move, we carry initiative, launched in early summer 2020 by the Directorate General for Tourism.

This is a service for private individuals and travel professionals, providing free luggage transport for all hikers or cyclists who wish to discover Luxembourg in stages. Picked up after 10.00 a.m. in the morning and delivered before 4.00 p.m. at the latest the same day, to and from any paying accommodation located in the Grand Duchy, the luggage thus follows tourists on a hike or cycle ride from a distance.

Since 23rd June 2020, around 2,400 items of luggage have been delivered to Luxembourg accommodation. In addition, the 50 euro accommodation vouchers distributed as part of the national tourist campaign Lëtzebuerg - Dat ass Vakanz have also been used in establishments participating in the Move, we carry initiative. Around 60,000 vouchers have been used since mid-July.

Have you always wanted to go on a cycling trip but didn't have the desire or the strength to take your luggage with you? No more excuses, the Move we carry service is free of charge until the end of 2020. Book online or by phone (+352 2810-888) and don't miss the information on the initiative's website.

Would you like to discover Luxembourg on two wheels but without your luggage? Then take advantage of the Move we carry service.
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The transport of bicycles on trains is free of charge in Luxembourg.
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