Musical activities for young people Raising awareness of music from an early age is an entertaining support to a formal education

Music plays a key role in the development of individuals and societies. In fact, it contributes significantly to the development of intellectual and manual skills as well as personality from an early age. Furthermore, musical expression has a positive influence on group cohesion when it is experienced together.

Hence, the organisation of workshops and festivals for children and adolescents is an entertaining initiation to a formal education in music. Whether it is to awaken the senses or to encourage active participation, these opportunities have been available in Luxembourg for several years. Do you want to share your musical passion or just play with the younger members of the family? Are you looking for inspiration to awaken your teenage son's taste for music? Here is our selection of musical activities, both face-to-face and digital, aimed at young audiences!

Family activities to inspire toddlers

As part of the activities to mark the International Day of Families, the Trifolion in Echternach has organised on 16th May 2021 an interactive family concert with Luxembourgish songs: Sang a sprang mat mir! The event is in Luxembourgish. Entrance is free; please register in advance!

Music is a universal language. With this in mind and using technological advances, Soundcolours offers a musical and digital exhibition with five terminals that requires no prior knowledge; it gives each individual the chance to let their creativity run free! Available at the neimënster until 23th May 2021. The whole family can enjoy this interactive and entertaining exhibit.

The Kulturhaus Niederanven also offers musical activities for toddlers from May to July 2021: check the agenda.

Just like Caku, the cultural programme for children organised at the Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck and the Mierscher Kulturhaus. Regularly check the programme of events!

Do you want to learn about music?

The 'Musical awakening for toddlers' is offered by the Portal of Lifelong Learning - to foster musical development in a constructive way. It aims to achieve its goal by shining a light on popular children's song as a vector of exchange and social link.

Don't miss the Hip Hop Marathon, ideal for kids aged 12 and upwards

For several years, the Hip Hop Marathon has been the unmissable event for young people who want to develop their knowledge of hip-hop culture via the creation of rap songs, graffiti murals, hip-hop choreography and learning beatbox, a technique which consists of making music by imitating instruments with your vocal chords and through singing.

Having cancelled the event last year due to the health crisis, the Rotondes will host the event from 19th to 21th May 2021. It was not possible to honour the tenth edition of this event therefore it is with renewed energy that this anniversary edition has been launched on the theme 'Let's celebrate!'

Rotondes is a unique location situated in heart of Luxembourg city; it is housed in the former abandoned railway roundhouses. Under the guise of cultural exploration, the cultural centre hosts a wide range of events from live performance to visual arts and music. Its programme essentially caters for young people. Always on the lookout for new talent, the Rotondes has become a hub for new ideas while nurturing a strong link between culture and education. The Rotondes is also a platform where important social issues are addressed in a practical way through workshops and conferences.

An increase in the digital musical offer

Although many stakeholders in the Luxembourg cultural sector have embraced digital media for several years, the health crisis has prompted a re-imagining of the range of musical activities for young audiences, which have multiplied since the spring of 2020.

For many years the Philharmonie has been committed to developing a range of digital content aimed at children of all ages:

  • D'Loopino saust duerch héich Wellen is a musical audio book for children from 3 years old. Echoing to the rhythms of Mendelssohn, Bartholdy, Piazzola and Schumann, among others, young children can meet the inhabitants of the sea with the hero Loopino and his friends. The Philharmonie has developed a project based on this hero; it also offers many complementary videos presenting creative and songs. It's a fabulous opportunity not only for children who speak Luxembourgish at home but also for those who are learning this language: the combination of music and language works a treat!
  • Do you want to want to discover the instruments used by the orchestra and even build your own mini instruments? The Orchesterinstrumente entdecken mit Juri series of videos (in German) is worth a visit; it also offers tips on how to make a drum using everyday objects.

The series of concerts for young children Be A HEAR(o), organised by Rocklab, has gone digital! Both educational and entertaining, these videos, aimed at children aged between 9 and 12 invite them to discover and explore the world of pop/rock music from the backstage of a concert at the Rockhal and to get acquainted with the concepts of rhythm, melody and harmony.

Also, the Department for the Coordination of Educational and Technological Research and Innovation (SCRIPT, in French), an entity of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, has developed several didactic tools to support musical education in schools; they are also available to other interested parties: