Luxembourg in the top 10 pleasant cities to live in for expatriates

According to the Global Liveability ranking 2019, the City of Luxembourg is among the top 10 most attractive cities for European expatriates.

ECA International, a provider of solutions and information for international human resources professionals, published in February 2019 a new edition of its report on pleasant cities for European expatriates around the world: the Global Liveability ranking 2019.

Based on expatriate ratings, among other things, this study evaluates several factors to arrive at an estimate of the quality of life in 480 cities around the world. Cities are rated on several criteria including climate, availability of health services, housing, social and recreational networks, infrastructure, personal safety, political tensions, air quality, etc. These data are used by human resources professionals in particular to calculate the cost of living premiums they grant to expatriates.

The 2019 world ranking for European expatriates is led by Copenhagen, Bern and The Hague. The City of Luxembourg ranks 9th in the world, together with Gothenburg and Dublin.

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