European Innovation Scoreboard 2019 : Luxembourg ranking among the « Strong Innovators »

Each year, the European Commission publishes a comparative assessment of the innovation performance of the Member States of the European Union, measuring it against that of international competition.

On the European Innovation Scoreboard 2019, which assesses the innovation performance of countries on the basis of a limited number of indicators, the Grand Duchy ranks 5th in terms of overall performance and is considered a "Strong Innovator". Luxembourg gained a position compared to the previous year, preceding Belgium (7th) and Germany (8th).

Luxembourg's research systems are classified as the most attractive in Europe. The country's performance exceeds the European Union average by 93%, due to its ability to attract foreign doctoral students and to produce international scientific co-publications. In addition, Luxembourg's intellectual property (trademarks and designs) is 58% higher than the European Union average, and innovators, particularly in SMEs, are 40% higher than the European average.

In addition, Luxembourg also has a good human resources record, exceeding the EU average by 28%, particularly in terms of the share of the population with higher education and lifelong learning. In addition, with 35% above the EU average, it is doing a good job of creating an environment conducive to innovation by ensuring broadband penetration and promoting opportunity-driven entrepreneurship.

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