Luxembourg’s values Open, dynamic and reliable

Open, dynamic and reliable...Three words and three values that sum up the country and are cherished by the population and stakeholders in the Grand Duchy; they have not been chosen at random.

These values gradually came to the fore in a participatory process comprising surveys, individual interviews, discussion groups and debates as well as the direct contributions from the general public via an online platform. This participatory approach is a key element of the overall strategy carried out by the Government since 2013.

To be credible, the promotion of the country has to be based on true facts. Its communication has to be authentic and convincing. These three values correspond to the true qualities of the Grand Duchy; they characterise the country fundamentally and supersede any current events. It is right to be proud of them and to convey them.

Messages reflecting these three words will feature in the country’s campaigns and its communication activities. They seek to inspire all stakeholders in the arguments they develop for their own communication needs and for their various sectors of activity. Luxembourg’s promotion will consistently draw upon these three arguments in order gradually to reinforce the country’s distinctive profile.


The Grand Duchy is a country that can be relied upon: an economically and politically stable country, offering a serene environment, a place where people enjoy living. Its citizens are also reknown for their own well-grounded mind-set. They cherish their traditions, cultivate consensus, and favour sustainable solutions. The quality of the country’s public infrastructures also reflects this concern. The solid legal framework and the health and social security system are key features of the reliable environment Luxembourg offers.


In the course of its history, the Grand Duchy has reinvented itself a number of times. First a farming country, then an industrial power, it has managed to develop a service-sector economy. A new phase of development is taking place in the areas of research, digital technologies, space industries, and the like. The same dynamic thrust can be seen in the cultural sector, around creative industries and social initiatives, within the solidarity-based economy, and around the concept of circular economy. The country is constantly creating new jobs, attracting talent and investment capital from all over the world.


Openness to the outside world is a key element of the Luxembourg model of society. The Grand Duchy has always fought for a united open Europe, a Europe characterised by tolerance and solidarity. Development cooperation is one of the pillars of its foreign policy. As a cosmopolitan crossroads at the centre of Europe, the Grand Duchy is a real melting-pot of nationalities, cultures and languages. Therein also lies openness to new projects and partnerships. The Grand Duchy is an international meeting place where integration is an everyday reality.

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