Dubai 2020: the gastronomic concept at the Luxembourg Pavilion The Grand Duchy has unveiled the gastronomic aspect of its Pavilion at the 2020 Universal Exposition in Dubai

From 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, the Grand Duchy will be participating in the Universal Exposition in Dubai, in  the United Arab Emirates. Alongside its economic  programme, the  Luxembourg Pavilion will also be presenting its gastronomic excellence  and the quality of its produce.

The 'Schengen Lounge' restaurant

On the ground floor of the Luxembourg  Pavilion, in pride of place, the Grand Duchy's cuisine will be showcased at the 'Schengen Lounge' restaurant. There are windows so that visitors to the Pavilion will be able to look into the restaurant kitchens and watch the chefs at work.

Schengen  is the idyllic village on the Moselle  where three countries meet - Luxembourg, Germany and France; not only a place with a local reputation for excellent wines, but also the place where the eponymous Agreements were signed, allowing free movement within the European Union.

So it's not surprising that the village has given its name to the  restaurant which will be representing the Grand Duchy's values, multi-national gastronomy and local produce  during the Universal Exposition. The concept of the gastronomic aspect of the Grand Duchy's  participation has been drawn up by the national training school for the hotel trade and tourism, the Luxembourg Hotel and Restaurant School (Ecole d’hôtellerie et de tourisme du Luxembourg, EHTL), which has both the ability and the skilled labour required.

© Luxembourg @ Expo 2020 Dubai / Metaform
© Luxembourg @ Expo 2020 Dubai / Metaform

A varied programme

The gastronomic concept devised by EHTL provides that the restaurant will present, like the restaurants in the Grand Duchy, not only traditional Luxembourgish cuisine – such as Rieslingspaschtéitchen (meat pie flavoured with Riesling wine) and Judd mat Gaardebounen (smoked neck of  pork with broad beans) – but  also   a cuisine influenced by many different international styles.

In all, the Pavilion's kitchen can serve about 240 dishes per day, and the restaurant can seat up to 80 visitors - 50 indoors and 30 outdoors. Open every day from 12 noon to midnight, the restaurant also offers  cakes, pastries and take-away dishes  ('Luxembourg on  a plate') for visitors in a hurry. In the evening, you will  be able to enjoy an  entire set menu devised by  one of the Luxembourgish chefs of the month   or fresh à la carte dishes. This culinary discovery can be rounded off by some Luxembourgish Moselle wines.

A Michelin-starred chef

In all, 36 ETHL students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in full view in the Pavilion's open kitchen. They will be supervised in Dubai by three experienced teachers and by 28-year-old  Michelin-starred Luxembourgish chef KimKevin de Dood, a former EHTL student who has already earned an international reputation.