Classical music in Luxembourg

Many musicians and singers play a diversified repertoire of classical music in Luxembourg. Enjoy a varied programme featuring internationally acclaimed artists. 

A wide range of festivals and events

Discover Luxembourg's many orchestras, including the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra ('Orchestre philharmonique du Luxembourg') and the Luxembourg European Soloists ('Solistes européens Luxembourg'). You can immerse yourself in the synergy of instruments at the Philharmonie located in the middle of the Place de l'Europe in Kirchberg. Among others, there is a set of concerts known as the 'Grands classiques', which is a perfect combination between virtuosity and opera.

On top of its educational mission, the Luxembourg City Conservatory organises a wide range of concerts that you can attend throughout the year.

The 'Kinnekswiss loves' that takes place in July each year is a highlight for classical music lovers. Enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and let yourself be amazed by this sound performance at Luxembourg City's Municipal Park.

For more information on classical music in Luxembourg, its infrastructures, ensembles and programmes, see our brochure 'About... classical music in Luxembourg'.

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A passion for music

Many Luxembourgian artists are famed for their talent beyond the Grand Duchy. Cathy Krier, a Luxembourgian pianists who discovered her talent at a young age, now performs on international stages with huge success. The composer, pianist and producer Francesco Tristano now plays in Barcelona, Hamburg and New York and developed his interest in classical music in Luxembourg, his home country.

Concerts all around

The Grand Duchy has a number of concert halls of varying sizes and auditoriums at the music conservatoires as well as theatre halls at local and regional cultural centres. But churches and castles are also often backdrop to musical acts, from internationally renowned stars to local artists.

The Luxembourg Philharmonie is without doubt a centre of classical music in the country. Designed by architect Christian de Portzamparc and acoustical engineer Albert Xu, is the central feature of the Place de l'Europe in Luxembourg-Kirchberg. The Philharmonie is home to the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestre philharmonique du Luxembourg, OPL), and hosts orchestras with international reputations, as well as top soloists and chamber music ensembles. Luxembourg Philharmonie offers cycles of concerts of classical music, jazz, world music, and even pop music, as well as programmes for children or adolescents. Each year, the Philharmonie hosts the Rainy Days Festival for contemporary music.

Everywhere in the country, regional cultural centres have opened their doors to answer the growing demand from Luxembourg's public. Even if they are not limiting themselves to classical music, they often host music acts of a superior quality in a sympathetic setting. Be brave and leave the beaten paths to explore this side of our country.

Here's a list of some cultural centres: