Prix maître d'ouvrage 2024

301 private and public contracting parties from Luxembourg took part in the 2024 edition of the Bauhärepräis OAI. The Prix maître d'ouvrage (owner's award) rewards winners in nine categories and five special prizes. Discover the know-how and architectural works which showcase building culture and the quality of our community life.

Fostering talent and creativity

At the seventh edition of this flagship event of the "Baukultur" in Luxembourg, the jury announced 11 winners, 11 runners-up and five special prizes. Two prizes were awarded by the general public. The winners - both private and residential housing - all manifest an understanding of heritage, ecology and accessibility. The remarkable and sustainable achievements nurture a culture of building, town and country planning and urban development in Luxembourg.

A person who builds, builds for us all!  Pierre Hurt, OAI director

The awards

The nine categories are:

  • Single-family housing;
  • Collective housing (three or more units);
  • Interior design;
  • Buildings used for commercial, trade or industrial purposes;
  • Buildings used for administrative, professional or health purposes;
  • Buildings used for education, culture or sport;
  • Engineering and infrastructure projects;
  • Land development, urban projects and landscaping;
  • Technical, energy or other facilities.

While the ultimate function of a building determines the category in which it can be entered, the five special prizes are awarded to projects that, in the opinion of the jury, display strong, impressive, exemplary, qualitative, functional and contemporary characteristics.

  • The Special Jury Prize;
  • The Special Prize for Audacity;
  • The Special Prize for Heritage;
  • The Special Prize for Energy Efficiency;
  • The Special Prize for Accessibility;


The two People's Choice Awards, with 3,402 unique votes were awarded to both a single-family dwelling and a residential housing project. 

About Bauhärepräis OAI

Organised by the Ordre des architectes et des ingénieurs-conseils - OAI (Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers), the prize has been awarded every four years since 2000. It rewards private and public contracting parties who showcase architecture, engineering and town planning in the Grand Duchy through the creation of successful, high-quality projects that are born out of a bond of trust with the designers or clients.

The nine categories of the Bauhärepräis OAI cover the five professions represented by the OAI: architecture, consulting engineering, urban planning, interior design and landscape architecture or engineering.

Projects submitted to the Bauhärepräis OAI by their contracting parties (members of the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers ) must have a connection with the Grand Duchy: either through the origin of their developer or through their presence in Luxembourg.

The jury is composed of international and national actors from the fields of politics and culture. They are chosen by the organiser.