OAI Project Owner's Prize 2020 Check out the best of Luxembourg's future architectural heritage

The winners of the 2020 edition of the Bauhärepräis OAI, the Luxembourg award for outstanding building projects, have been unveiled! Some 257 real estate projects in Luxembourg were competing in nine categories and for one of the special prizes. Check out the innovative, avant-garde architectural achievements of Luxembourg's best architects and consulting engineers.

Breathtaking building projects

Every edition of the Bauhärepräis OAI serves as a showcase for the extensive know-how and creativity of Luxembourg's architects and project owners.

Projects are submitted by the project owners themselves to the jury, whose members include eminent architects and consulting engineers. The only requirement is that the project must have a link with Luxembourg, either because it is based in the country or because it was commissioned by a Luxembourger. The line-up includes buildings that are well known in Luxembourg for their elegance and innovation, as well as private homes that often prove to be real hidden gems.

The competition features a broad array of styles, from renovated period properties to ultra-modern apartment blocks and infrastructure projects. 

The nine prize categories cover a wide range of construction projects:

  • Single-family homes;
  • Apartment buildings;
  • Interior refurbishments;
  • Buildings used for commercial, trade or industrial purposes;
  • Buildings used for administrative, professional or health purposes;
  • Buildings used for education, culture or sport;
  • Engineering and infrastructure projects;
  • Land development, urban projects and landscaping;
  • Technical, energy or other facilities.

While each building's use determines which category it is entered into, there are also six jury prizes for projects that demonstrate excellence in innovation:

  • The Special Prize for Audacity;
  • The Special Prize for Heritage;
  • The Special Prize for Energy Efficiency;
  • The Special Prize for New Types of Housing;
  • The Special Prize for Accessibility;
  • The Special Jury Prize, awarded to one project out of the 257 entries.

The Bauhärepräis, organised by the Ordre des architectes et des ingénieurs-conseils (OAI, an industry association for architects and consulting engineers), has been awarded every four years since 2000. The award recognises the best building projects completed in the four years since the previous prize.